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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2022-01-28 03:26:44

Being able to make a selection using the pen tool for either irregular but straight edged, or Bézier curves.

As an example this would be useful to me when making product marketing images for an app UI change pitch, I desaturate the rest of the UI that isn't changing and leave the new parts saturated. The new parts I want to call attention to are often not rectangles or cell shaped.
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2022-01-31 11:11:35

Hey Blake! There isn't a dedicated setting for this but that's fairly simple to do in Pixelmator Pro. If you fill the path you draw with any color or gradient, you can then choose Edit > Load Selection to make a selection that outlines the path. The method has been discussed in more detail in this thread here. Hope that helps!
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2022-01-31 22:50:35

oh thank you Aurelija! Can I change my feature request to get a more direct method please? 😘
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2022-02-03 08:07:14