Pixelmator Pro indicated as high battery user while in background

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2021-05-07 15:24:12

I tend to leave applications open, even when not using them, since it saves me needing to relaunch them. Currently I can't do that with Pixelmator Pro, since even when not doing any active processing, and in the background, it is on the list of high battery users.

Is there a reason why Pixelmator Pro may be a culprit for high battery impact, even when idle in the background?

I am using PixelMator Pro 2.0.8 on macOS 11.3, on a 2019 16" Intel based MacBook Pro.
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2021-06-02 05:38:51

sometimes doing a hard shutdown on your Mac can help. I had terrible overheating issues on my Mac and quick shutdown fixed the problem completely! also, Pixelmator launches really quickly, so you might be able to get away with the odd quit!
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2021-06-03 12:37:54

And if Mac reboot doesn't help, we'd love to hear from you about this at support@pixelmator.com (in case you haven't reached out to us already). It'd be interesting to take a closer look at your Mac's energy consumption.