Removing sliced parts of the image

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2021-03-27 22:58:20

Hello, I am working with an image(s) with a lot of slices using the Slice tool(with shortcut K) and then I want to use R Repair Tool to basically remove those sliced parts from that image; however, when I am calling R tool the Sliced parts of the image are disappearing and those I am not able to see those sliced parts so that to specifically remove them. Could you please suggest a way to do that? Thanks in advance!
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2021-03-31 14:25:50

Hey there! The Slice tool is intended for export only, so when you select a different tool, it opens that tool's controls. So, there are two options here: you can either export the slices as they are and make the repairs afterward, or you can divide your image into separate layers using the selection tools (if there are no text or shape layers), repair, and use the Add for Export option to export these layers as individual slices.