Repeatedly using the Repair tool could sometimes cause Pixelmator Pro to stop responding

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2021-03-09 00:25:08

I still have problems with the clone, repair and eraser tool, when I use it repeatedly my laptop stops responding and freezes, what can I do? thanks
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2021-03-09 10:36:11

Hey, Reggie. Are you running Pixelmator Pro 2.0.5 or earlier by any chance? We've just released v2.0.6 which should contain a fix for this particular issue. It would be great if you could check if you can reproduce the issue using the latest version.
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2021-03-09 15:24:55

yes, I already update and my laptop stops responding and freezes when I use these tools
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2021-03-15 15:26:21

A spindump report would probably tell us more about these freezes, too. You can collect a spindump report the same way you do for the RAW opening freezes. Thanks in advance!