Cómo eliminar el fondo en el cabello

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2021-02-25 06:27:18

La herramienta de selección rápida no me permite seleccionar el cabello para eliminar el fondo

¡Espero que puedas ayudarme!


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2021-02-26 08:46:04

I'm afraid there aren't currently any dedicated tools for hair selection refining in Pixelmator Pro — it would have to be done manually. The two common workflows, for now, include creating a layer mask and loading the selection from the mask or using the refinement brush mode in the Refine Selection settings to paint freehand selections.

That said, we know hair selection is important in photo editing and we'd love to bring a more streamlined way of doing it to Pixelmator Pro. In fact, the team is already working on something quite fascinating right now that'll hopefully make this whole process much simpler and easier in the future.