Color Fill Empty Layer not working

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2022-01-27 22:09:52

Iʻll be embarrassed if this is user error, but in 2.3.5 I canʻt seem to add an empty layer and then fill it with color. I can select objects and fill them. Iʻve even tried to select the canvas within a new layer to fill it, but not working. What am I doing wrong? Iʻve never had an issue with this.
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2022-01-28 11:58:03

As the name indicates a new empty layer is empty by default - no content or whatsoever to fill with color. This is usually the layer to paint on for instance. Or select all (cmd+A) and use Color Fill tool (N) + click to color-fill.
On the other hand there´s the Background layer which you can apply a Style (S) to.
Hope this helps.
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2022-01-28 14:03:28

What are the steps to create a new layer with only a color fill?
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2022-01-28 14:20:07

hit ⊕ button->Empty layer
N for Color Fill - adjust color and click on canvas
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2022-01-28 21:10:45

I figured out my problem was leaving the Preserve Transparency box checked on Fill. Thanks so much for your help.
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2022-01-28 22:03:16

Mmmh - this has no influence on the Color Fill tool from what I experienced so far.
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2022-01-29 02:36:58

It didn’t work until I unchecked the box. I’ll test it more to confirm.
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2022-01-31 13:01:11

The only situation I can think of where it wouldn't make any difference whether Preserve Transparency is turned on or off when using Color Fill is if the layer already has some color applied (like the white background layer, for instance). If you're able to fill empty/transparent layers with the Preserve Transparency setting both turned on and turned off — something's definitely not right.
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2022-01-31 13:24:51

Strange - can´t recreate it by now. As you´ve guessed I may have overlooked the white fill and white background in the thumbnails of the Layers panel. But as I usually double-check my findings I´ll keep an eye on it.
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2022-01-31 13:37:27

I think I found what allows me to fill with or without "Preserve transparency": 99%Opacity plus blend Mode will be passed on the next "Empty Layer".
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2022-01-31 13:52:55

Do you mean the opacity of the layer itself or the Color Fill tool color? Can't reproduce this yet.

By the way, there are two places where you can turn Preserve Transparency on and off — in the Color Fill tool options and the Format menu (Format > Image > Preserve Transparency). The first one affects the behavior of the Color Fill tool only, while the second one locks or unlocks transparency for the entire layer, regardless of what tool is used. Perhaps that has something to do with it.
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2022-01-31 14:13:21

This thread is about color fill empty layer as I read it. But you´re right "Fill tool" on new empty layer needs disabled "Preserve transparency" to get it to work. Solved from my point of view.