Affinity Photo or Pixelmator Pro?

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2022-01-18 08:53:17

Are both of these picture editors up to the task? Are their capacities different, or should I acquire one over the other, or both? I'm not a pro, and this is simply for fun.

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2022-01-18 09:45:22

Hey bisky42. It depends on what you'll be using the app for. The basic editing functionalities in both apps should be more or less the same. You can use them both to edit photos, work with shapes, paint, illustrate. But there may be some specific tools or features that one editor has and the other doesn't. It would probably be best to simply give them both a trial run (if you haven't done so already) and see how you like them for yourself. The Pixelmator Pro trial is available to download right here. And you can also check out the list of Pixelmator Pro tech specs for all available features.
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2022-01-19 14:26:27

by bisky42 Are both of these picture editors up to the task? Are their capacities different, or should I acquire one over the other, or both? I'm not a pro, and this is simply for fun.
If you are coming from Photoshop you will find Affinity Photo more similar. Also, there are tons more tutorials and resources for Affinity Photo than Pixelmator Pro right now.

That said, I tend to use Pixelmator Pro more becuase of its Mac like interface, excellent AI tools and generally find it more fun.

I hope Pixelmator Pro finds a larger user base so more folks will produce tutorials and other materials for it. It is a great app.

Another thought, if you do vector graphics and/or desktop publishing the entire Affinity suite is a great solution: Photo / Desighner and Publisher
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2022-01-23 11:25:12

If you are used to using mac "photo" then you will quickly get used to pixelmator pro because the logic is very close. When creating more complex images and adding various tools such as fine-tuning hsl, affinity photo can be more intuitive on the interface, and it will be easier to grasp what you have done than pixelmator pro. But if you just expect simple retouching, pixelmator pro will be a better choice, Background Eraser is so convenient. Especially with mac "photo" to retouch photos is very, very convenient and easy to use.
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2022-01-24 18:47:12

I have been using them both mainly for editing photo's. For more than a decade I am not a user of Photoshop (to complicated to my "logic") .Have been using Aperture in the past until it "stopped"
So, Affinity has lots of high quality professional capabilities. However it has a steep learning curve for "none Photo-shopper's" like me.
If you are shooting a lot in RAW, Affinity Photo does not work well with Apple Photo's (since version 1.7 or 1.8; today they are on version 1.10 and despite a lot of bug-reports and complaints of numerous users they didn't solve that issue).
Since about 8 months I am using Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator Photo (iPad) Haven't used Affinity anymore (In the past only for focus merging and photo stacking, which today I can handle "in camera" ). PP serves me better and easier. For very advanced RAW-editing I occasionally use RawPower.
I love the way PP integrates with Apple Photo's. I love the the AI-tools and other intelligent functions that make life "easier" while still maintaining excellent quality, and of course it's comprehensive editing capabilities for photo's
Still it has a "learning curve" certainly if, for instance, you are not used (as I am) to the concept of working with layers.
However much easier than Affinity in my opinion.
So if you are "in", as you mention, for "fun", with the possibility for advanced photo editing as well and a tight integration with Apple Photo's PP would be my first choice.