Replace color rarely works

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2021-11-30 21:13:44

All software up to date.

Basically I select a color to replace then select a replacement color and nothing. I can enter HEX, RGB or even use the color selector. Nothing.
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2021-11-30 23:05:02

Basically I adjust the color I want to use as a replacement (to) - then I use the color picker "from" and pick a color. The color will be instantly replaced - end of story.
Full replacement needs 100% Intensity and Range works for me bigger than 50%.
Do you have probably any other adjustments in the game like blend modes for instance?
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2021-12-01 13:09:42

I am doing the same thing as you and nothing. No other issues.
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2021-12-01 14:48:04

A few things worth double-checking:

1. Make sure you have the layer in which you'd like to replace a color selected in the Layers sidebar
2. Check to see if your selected layer has no fill styles or effects applied, and if it has — flatten them
3. Press Command + D on your keyboard to deselect any active selections in your image. Otherwise, Replace Color will only have an effect within the range of the selection

Hope that helps!
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2021-12-22 23:40:13

Okay, I'm trying to do this exact thing. Change the color of bricks in the background. I selected and they didn't change. Can i get a step by step here? Image i did pic a color, i just must have undo for this screenshot. But still how do i change the bricks color in the background and still look like bricks on not just a solid wall of color?
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2021-12-23 14:27:25

Not yet optimized but a very quick go: