Pixelmator Pro gets a magical, AI‑powered Deband feature

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2022-12-21 14:05:37

Today, we're releasing Pixelmator Pro 3.2.3 with a magical, machine learning-powered feature called Deband, which lets you remove color posterization and compression artifacts from your images, and new, gorgeous holiday templates for creating holiday cards, posters, social media posts, stories, and more.

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2022-12-21 17:59:34

Very nice!

Looking forward to next year’s amazing updates.

Until then, Merry X-Mas and a A Happy New Weaving Year!
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2022-12-21 23:49:43

Just wish they would do a video on how to construct a film poster, but loving all the updates over the past year or so, best twenty quid I've spent on an app.
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2022-12-22 04:42:35

Just tried Deband on an image and it took three passes it did a good job. Thanks for continually developing new features whilst keeping the app familiar. Right side of image demanded, plus other tweaks ;)
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2022-12-22 07:36:56

Pixelmator Pro and your Team behind it have been one of the glowing bright spots of my life. You folks constantly amaze me and the fact that you pay once and keep getting new software updates that take it miles beyond what we customers originally paid for is truly awesome.

Very Apple like in the idea that we buy it once and your team keeps delivering a better experience over time with software updates. With this ethos it is just a matter of time before you eventually overtake Photoshop as the number one Image Editing App on the Mac platform. So keep up the good work team. Us users become evangelists. For example, when you added the Video editing feature, I started seeing YouTubers do videos on how it works well with Motion, and I subscribed to their channel and they got a ton of peoples comments and many people went and bought Pixelmator Pro because of it.

So Trust that your Vision is spot on and that your work will speak for itself. And until AI takes all of our jobs lol... Know you are on the right path. In this I trust...
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2022-12-22 12:12:08

Hear, hear @webtread! I still remember the very first Pixelmator announcement and how excited I was about it. Even then, I saw it as a huge benefit over installing Adobe’s messy and bloated suite, even given the fact they were nowhere near feature parity with the debut release. Certainly had a better UI though, among the first ‘Dark Mode’ UIs, and showed off the true power of the Mac platform.

Yes this dev team are special. I hope you guys all get plenty of time off and have all the fun and relaxation necessary to recharge and come back next year and continue killing it for us Mac owning image tweaking junkies.

Bless up!!
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2022-12-22 17:13:35

First image comes to mind was the infamous Windows 11 bloom dark mode wallpaper. I'm now able to remove existing coluor banding flawlessly. Usually you need both the display hardware to support 10 bit colour depth and the image being just right to avoid this problem. Now it's so easy just a click away.

You don't see this kind of feature anywhere else.
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2022-12-23 04:02:02

This is a really cool feature I'm pleasantly surprised to see, but it has some issues at the moment that make it destructive to some images, particularly (but not necessarily limited to) cell shaded illustrations. In this example you can see how Deband has blurred the shading around the hair and ear, and all the detail in the top left corner. I hope this will be improved in future updates.
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2022-12-23 11:51:30

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! We can’t wait to start working on next year’s updates and sharing them with you. :red_heart: And in the meantime — happy holidays!
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2022-12-26 17:49:08

I used that feature today. Great stuff. Thank you and happy new year!