Saving jpeg and pixelmator files simultaneously.

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2020-06-21 13:35:47

I'm new to Pixelmator and digital drawing. Im managing to muscle through my first children picture book. Does anyone know if there is way to save your pix files and jpeg at the same time. Also any advice on how to best file the pages of my book. Thanks.
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2020-06-22 13:05:50

Hey there, I'm not sure if I completely understand what you're looking to do. Are you opening an image and after editing/drawing, you'd like to automatically save your changes to both that image and the original PXM file at the same time when closing the image? If so, that isn't possible, but if it's something else you're looking for, it'd be great if you could provide a few more details/clarifications I'll do my best to help out.
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2020-09-27 09:31:37

Use Share sheet, gives great choices