Error code 0 on creating new document from the clipboard

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2020-06-21 12:34:08

I am trying to create a new document from the clipboard with the following image and I get an error code 0. ... -angle.gif

I have tried:

-setting the document Storage in Setting to iCloud Drive
-browsing to the Pixelmator folder on the iCloud Drive.
-setting to use on my iPad

Still with all that, I get the error code 0.

If I create a blank document and try to paste the image, nothing happens.

Pixelmator iOS can accept a gif from the clipboard, right?

Pocket Create can create a new document from the clipboard using the image.
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2020-06-22 12:57:33

Reproduced! I'm not 100% sure whether the GIF format is supported (it looks like it might not be) but we'll look into this either way.