hand holding bat

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2020-04-07 16:34:35

I want to combine 2 images, a baseball bat and a hand gripping, so that the end result is an image of the hand gripping the bat. So there would have to be part of the hand behind the bat and part of the hand in front as it is gripping the bat. can't figure out how to do it (if it's possible). So far,the hand layer is either behind or in front depending on where I place the layer.Any help would be appreciated
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2020-04-08 11:17:29

Are you using Pixelmator for iOS for this? If so, you'd need to put the bat image above the other image and use the eraser to erase the part of the bat that should be covered by the hand. It would be easiest to do this while zoomed in.

Hope that helps!