Working with 2 Images ?

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2018-11-18 15:25:25

I am trying to work with 2 images on same window at same time.

How is this achieved ?

I was used to doing this with other photo software when I was using the windows environment.
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2018-11-18 23:20:12

Once you have opened one image, press the + icon towards the top right, then the first left icon is photos which shows your photos and select a photo and then you have 2 photos?
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2018-11-19 14:30:51

I do not see a + icon anywhere ?

I load 2 images and if I load both into the editor, the last one shows (the first is not there anymore).

Is this + icon in the Editor window ?
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2018-11-19 23:13:30

Is the first photo behind the second photo? Tap the photo you can see, use the little blue dots around the photo to resize the photo to reveal the one behind?

And tap near the very left of the screen once you have a photo open to reveal the layers/photos

What device are you using Pixelmator on?
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2018-11-20 00:06:08

I'm on mac osx 'mohave'
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2018-11-20 03:14:30

by Dart 2018-11-20 00:06:08 I'm on mac osx 'mohave'
Oh well yeah, you posted your question in the Pixelmator for iOS iPad/iPhone so they are quite different.

Might need to re-ask your question in the other Pixelmator thread instead to get an answer from Mac users.

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2018-11-20 13:45:42

oops ! sorry - will do