Drag and drop prevents me from moving images, help please!

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2017-10-10 17:00:31

I just updated to 2.4 and was really happy to learn the crashes and bugs were patched but now I have a even worse problem: I cannot move images with precision around the workspace without unintentionally dragging the image out. is there any way I can avoid this? I hope Pixelmator Team is aware because this completely prevents me to keep doing my daily work and it is precision sensitive work so I REALLY would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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2017-10-11 11:36:05

Same problem here. Also if I try to resize a layer.
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2017-10-13 18:19:06

I found an amazing solution already: change to Affinity Photo (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/buy-ipad-photo/?ct=web-referral) it is hands down one of the best iOS apps I’ve ever used if not the best. Pixelmator had a good run but now it just doesn’t do the trick, you won’t miss a thing.
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2017-10-13 20:08:54

@Coldplayer, Affinity Photo is a pretty cool app and I've also downloaded it and used it. It's similar (yet considerably different) to Photoshop. But I prefer Pixelmator because it's easier and faster to get up and running and it does everything I need. I was excited about Affinity but when I got it onto my iPad Pro 12.9" it was concerning how large the file sizes were. Pixelmator works so nicely with iCloud I never have to worry about managing iPad space. If you read thru Affinity's website (iOS version) there's no mention of iCloud... same for another well known creative app, Procreate. Using iCloud with these apps is messy at best - I pass!

I don't want to knock Affinity or Procreate because their intentions are to build the best possible iOS apps. But at the moment, with all of the compromises that must be made (regardless of which app you choose) the one that helps me get my job done is the one I will use - not the one with really cool features that eats up my precious iPad space. Additionally, I'm excited about the new HEIF formats (which would further reduce file sizes) and I'm not sure Affinity is supporting this.

In the link you provide above, one of the reviewers made this comment about Affinity Photo "I find myself using this for some RAW photo processing, then handing it off to a faster app with a cleaner UI, like Pixelmator." So I'm not the only one who prefers Pixelmator. Regardless, I'm reasonably sure Pixelmator will be addressing the RAW issue eventually - although, I don't need this functionality at all. And I'm also reasonably sure the drag and drop issues will be addressed as well.

None of these iOS apps are expensive so we must have patience as our concerns are processed and addressed. Affinity and Pixelmator make great apps and there is room for both...although, for what I do, I believe Pixelmator will eventually win the day and replace Photoshop on both iOS and macOS.
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2017-10-14 06:53:26

Non-precision work is really well handled by Pixelmator, it is very fast and yes Affinity Photo gets complicated and thus a little more time consuming but I found myself doing better, real significant changes. But yeah I guess memory is a major issue for most.
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2018-03-09 20:17:40

Has anyone found a solution to the original drag and drop question posted in October? I'm using version 2.4.1 and I struggle to move or resize elements of an image without activating drag and drop. The problem exists when using a finger or Apple Pencil, so user accuracy doesn't appear to be the cause. Has anyone found a solution or work around?