May 16, 2023

Photomator for Mac is out now

Today’s a big day! Our team has just released Photomator for Mac. From state-of-the-art color adjustments to intelligent AI tools, powerful Repair and Clone tools, and batch editing, Photomator for Mac is a photo editing powerhouse. Built from the ground up for macOS, it runs incredibly smoothly and fast, redefining the photo editing experience on Mac.

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If you’re curious about what makes Photomator for Mac so special, we’re here to share some great reasons that showcase its awesomeness.

It’s packed with powerful photo editing tools

In Photomator for Mac, you’ll find everything you need to edit and manage your photos. It includes next-generation color adjustments powered by an incredibly advanced texture-aware algorithm, powerful retouching tools, batch editing, and much more. Photomator for Mac also brings your favorite AI features, such as automatic photo enhancement, denoising, image upscaling, and automatic subject, sky, and background selections. To make professional photo editing a breeze, Photomator for Mac brings a powerful photo browser powered by Photos and a filmstrip that let you easily browse images and quickly jump into editing them. And, full file browser support is coming later this year.

It’s incredibly fast

Photomator for Mac is built from the ground up for Mac and it makes the most of native macOS technologies, such as Apple Silicon, Swift UI, Core ML, Core Image, and Metal. These advanced technologies make your photo editing experience ultra smooth and fast, even when editing, zooming, or scrolling large images.

It’s available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

With its full cross-platform compatibility, Photomator offers a familiar experience on all devices – Mac, iPhone, and iPad. All your edits are seamlessly syncing with the Photos library and, with support for iCloud, across all your devices, so you can start editing on one device and pick up on another. And what’s best, if you buy Photomator for Mac, you’ll also get unlimited access to the iPhone and iPad version with the same license.

This only scratches the surface of what Photomator can actually do. Make sure to try it out yourself – it’s free to download from the Mac App Store. If you already use Photomator on iPhone and iPad, you can check the FAQs to find out if you’re eligible for a free version of Photomator for Mac.

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What about Pixelmator Pro?

Together with the launch of Photomator for Mac, we’ve also released an update to Pixelmator Pro with major improvements to Photomator document support. Using the Edit with Pixelmator Pro feature, you can quickly open an edited photo in Pixelmator Pro with all the nondestructive changes fully preserved and visible. This makes it super easy to round-trip between the apps – for example, you can edit a photo, then send it to Pixelmator Pro to add some text, shapes, paint on it, and more.

If you’d like to check out the differences between Photomator and Pixelmator Pro, you can head over to our Compare page to see a side-by-side comparison and find out whether you need one or the other (or both!) for your specific workflow.