14 days ago

Photomator and Pixelmator Pro introduce stunning new frames

Photomator introduces a powerful new Frame feature, letting you add beautiful, artistic frames to your photos and easily customize them before exporting. You can choose from a variety of frames, including 35mm and instant film frames, solid color borders, and more. Additionally, Pixelmator Pro introduces an all-new Frames collection with stunning new frames that will bring out the best in your images.

All-New Frames on Photomator for Mac

When exporting your photos on Photomator for Mac, you’ll discover an exciting new Frame feature in the export window, offering 6 stunning, customizable frames. The film frames, both 35mm and instant film, were meticulously scanned from the original film to provide your photos with an authentic film look. Other frames are fully customizable, adapting intelligently to the size of your photo and preserving its size even when you change the aspect ratio of the exported photo. You can also effortlessly adjust the look of the frame by adjusting its thickness, color, corner radius, and more.

New Frames Collection in Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro introduces an all-new Frames template collection, featuring stunning new frame templates. Like Photomator, it offers beautiful film frames, solid color borders, and more. Choosing the aspect ratio for each frame is incredibly easy, with options including square, story, and landscape formats. Choose a frame, replace the placeholder with your photo, and you’re ready to go!

Both Pixelmator Pro and Photomator offer stunning frames, and we’re especially excited about the all-new Frame feature on Photomator. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, this feature makes adding frames to your photos incredibly smooth – you simply must try it out! If you’re new to Photomator, you’ll need to get the free trial to see the export window with frames, and if you’re already a Photomator or Pixelmator Pro user, the update is free to enjoy.

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