May 3, 2024

Photomator update brings 5x faster file browsing and 2x smaller sidecar files

Starting today, you’ll notice a significant increase in speed when browsing photos in the Files browser on your Mac – photo thumbnails will now load up to 5x faster! Other great news is that we’ve optimized edit saving on all devices, with large edits now requiring half the storage space, and simple color adjustments being saved directly to the original photos in the Photos library.

Faster File Browser on Mac

Following the initial launch of the powerful Files browser at the beginning of this year, we’ve been continuously working on improving its performance to bring you an even faster photo browsing and editing experience. Today’s update brings an up to 5x faster thumbnail loading after importing new folders and even faster thumbnail loading for previously previewed folders. These improvements ensure that you can browse and edit photos faster than ever, while seamlessly transitioning between different folders.

Smaller Sidecar Files

We’re excited to bring another major improvement that will significantly free up your storage space – sidecar files are now 2x smaller when editing in both the Photos and Files browsers. You’ll notice a big difference in the file size of your edits, especially if you’re working on tasks such as upscaling, denoising, debanding, or retouching. Given that these tasks are typically very storage-demanding, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve cut the size of such sidecar files in half. Additionally, when making simple color adjustments in the Photos browser, the edits will now be saved directly to the photo. This improvement significantly reduces the storage space required for storing color edits, which is particularly beneficial when working with larger files, such as RAW or HDR images.

We hope this update will take your photo editing workflows to new levels of speed. If you’re already a user, enjoy the enhanced features, and if you haven’t tried Photomator yet, take advantage of our one-week free trial to see for yourself how editing photos with Photomator is a breeze.

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