March 28, 2023

File cataloging app Peakto now supports Pixelmator Pro documents

Hello everyone! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. Over the past few months we’ve been working on something slightly different from what we usually do — we’ve teamed up with the amazing team at Peakto to bring you a smart new way to sort and organize your Pixelmator Pro documents, all in one place.

Peakto automatically gathers all the Pixelmator Pro documents on your Mac into a single catalog where they can then be managed in various ways. You can flag and rate documents, search for documents by specific keywords, create new catalogs, or use the power of AI to sort documents based on their content and even colors! What’s more, Pixelmator Pro and Peakto are always in sync so the changes you make to your documents in Pixelmator Pro appear in your Peakto catalogs in real time.

Pixelmator Pro and Peakto are able to work together seamlessly thanks to a clever Shortcuts app integration. Using Shortcuts, Peakto can access Pixelmator Pro document previews without opening the app itself or duplicating the documents. Plus, the document previews are ultra-high quality which makes it easy to find, preview, and work with just the files you need.

To celebrate this awesome collaboration, the cool guys and gals at Peakto are offering a generous 40% discount to all Pixelmator Pro users with a code SPECIAL-PIXELMATOR-40. Starting today, the special offer is available for two weeks on all Peakto versions, including the one-time purchase, monthly, and yearly plans.