File cataloging app Peakto now supports Pixelmator Pro documents

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2023-03-28 13:21:49

We’ve teamed up with the amazing guys at Peakto to bring a smart new way to manage your Pixelmator Pro documents, all in one place. 💪

Learn more on our blog where you'll also find a special discount code for Peakto.

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2023-03-28 14:01:25

This is not a cheap solution. The subscription tool itself is more expensive than Lightroom ;/ Certainly it's a step in the right direction and meeting the needs of users, but still Peakto is a more paid version of Apple Photo, I mean workflow here. The gamechanger would be a library similar to C1 or Lightroom.
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2023-03-28 15:07:08

Tooooooooooo expensive for me even with the discount !!!
Sorry, not for me !
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2023-03-28 16:05:07

So cool! I'm in!
Thanks for this!