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Customize keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make it easier to use Pixelmator Pro more efficiently. If you click any of the Pixelmator Pro menus, you’ll see certain menu commands have keyboard shortcuts next to the them. You can change these shortcuts and create your own shortcuts for commands that don’t have them.

Before you start, make sure to quit Pixelmator Pro.

Open System Preferences and click Keyboard.
In the Shortcuts pane, select App Shortcuts.
Click +.
Choose Pixelmator Pro from the Application pop-up menu.

Enter the exact name of the menu command you want to add. For example, to add a shortcut for the Pixel Paint tool, enter Pixel Paint.

If your menu command has ellipsis points, make sure to include them in the Menu Title field.

Click the Keyboard Shortcut field and press your new keyboard shortcut.

If you use a shortcut that’s already taken, the menu command currently using the shortcut will lose it and it will be assigned to the new menu command.

Click Add.

Now, when you open Pixelmator Pro, you can press your new keyboard shortcut to use it. If you want to remove it, select the shortcut in App Shortcuts and click —.