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If you have a beautiful “in the moment” photo that is slightly crooked, you can easily fix it with the Crop Tool in Pixelmator.

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  1. Chad Whetzell

    I really want to make Pixelmator work as it’s more like a Mac product than PS and is cheaper than PSE. But this is still a poor replacement for a dedicated Straighten tool like in PSE or PS. It takes too long to get a photo straight when you’re going through hundreds of photos. For example, I have scanned in hundreds of old print photos with up to 3 photos per scan. I need to first straighten the image and then crop it. With PSE it’s quick and easy. Click one edge of the photo (like top left) and drag to the other edge (like top right). Then it straightens automatically and fairly quickly. No wiggling back and forth to get it right and then having to RE-crop. You just straighten first and then crop. But in Pixelmator you crop…but the crop is at first an arbitrary size. Then you wiggle back and forth hoping to get the image straight. Finally, you must re-crop the image to now fit the actual photo size. This is too many steps and takes too much time, especially if you are working with many photos. Please add an easy, quick to use straighten tool! I don’t even like the straighten tool in Aperture or Picassa cause they also require some wiggling back and forth. PSE does it right.

  2. Chad Whetzell

    One caveat I would like to make is that this type of “wiggling” straighten tool is useful and needed (Pixelmator, Aperture, Picasa) as it’s helpful when you’re working with just one photo that you really want to get just right. The PSE style doesn’t let you wiggle back and forth so it has it’s drawbacks too. I guess what I’m saying is that it would be great to have both. The wiggle style and the point-to-point automatic straighten style. Regardless of whether you’ll willing to develop and add a point-to-point straighten tool, Pixelmator would do well to make the ability to straighten the image separate from cropping in case you want to do one and not the other.

  3. Ausra

    Hi Chad! Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Tracey

    I too miss the dedicated “straighten” tool! I do a lot of work documenting artwork, and the need to straighten things before cropping is desperately needed.

  5. angus

    yes this a tool and workflow that is very much needed at the moment it just takes tool long.

  6. ADM

    I would also like a dedicated straighten tool. When I scan a print, it is very often by a half-degree or so, and I do not have a convenient way of straightening in Pixelmator. I was fussing with a pic for quite a while tonight before giving up for now. Also, if you have a moment to add some additional text on “Straightening” to the help file, I would appreciate it. That seems like a function people (like myself) would often search help for. In any case, I do really like Pixelmator and want to use it as my only image editor. I think I just need to spend more time learning it and/or have a couple more tools like “Straighten”. Tx.

  7. Greg Raven

    It would be nice if there was an easy way to overlay a grip when straightening photos. Sometimes, there is a strong horizontal line that you want to match exactly, but doing it by eye is time-consuming and error prone, while turning grids on and off is a pain in the neck.

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