Magic Eraser Tool

It’s a snap to remove areas of similar color in an image with the Magic Eraser Tool.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Claude

    It’s not clair the ways you use to change the background image

  2. Ausra


    The image with the cup was copied by choosing Edit > Copy. After that, the image with the table cloth was opened in Pixelmator and the image with the cup pasted on it via Edit > Paste.

  3. Mark

    Magic Eraser is a great step forward. Dragging to set tolerance is very intuitive. The inability to refine edges in an intelligent way is preventing this tool back from being more practical. I’d love to be able to draw a rough outline around the mug, then have Pixelmator do the rest.

  4. dulce

    I did not clear understand how to change tolerance…

  5. Ausra

    Hi dulce,

    Simply click and drag the Magic Eraser Tool to adjust the tolerance.

  6. Chung Eliopoulos

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me. Thank you!

  7. The Gardener

    The video disappeared. ????

  8. Iching

    The tutorials don’t work. Please fix this.

  9. darius

    if anyone encounters any issues with tutorial playback here, you can subscribe, download and watch all the tutorials on YouTube:

  10. dulce

    When I erase th background I save but in the image the background is still there!!!! What is wrong?

  11. Gary C

    Hi dulce, you may have saved the image in a file format that doesn’t support transparency. For example, JPEG doesn’t support it, but PNG does.

  12. JeremyGreen

    Hey, I call a foul. I notice that the cup has been pasted onto the tablecloth with a faint shadow included. That wasn’t done with this tool was it? Is this tool simply selecting by color, like the Magic Wand in PS?

  13. JeremyGreen

    Oops. I see that there is a Magic Wand tool.

  14. Tom

    Potete fare dei tutorial anche in italiano per favore ! Grazie mille già in anticipo

  15. CWC

    I’m feeling a little ridiculous.. I can’t even find the magic eraser..

  16. Ausra

    @CWC you can customize the Tools palette and add the Magic Eraser Tool from thePreferences dialog. Here is a quick video tutorial about it:

  17. Sandy

    When you remove the background and need to put the image into another project, do you save your graphic/or picture or just copy? I am coming from Paint Shop Pro and would like to be able to perform some of the functions with Pixelmator and it appears that I will be able to do it. Just need to learn how to do it.
    Your advice will greatly be appreciated.

  18. Preston

    I must agree with JeremyGreen. I see the shadow. If there is a way to define color ranges in pixelmator then please clarify. Otherwise… you know.

  19. Preston

    Never mind… the moment I left the post, I realized how to select specific colors for selections.

  20. Jesse Bellinger

    hi, I used the eraser tool like you do to get rid of the background on some images I was editing, I added a new photo into the file and then I could only use the brush feature of eraser, rather than the feature which you were using in your tutorial, how can I ensure I don’t have to use the brush version which is more time consuming ?

  21. Vincenzo

    Where can I find the images showed in the images gallery that one can see in the app preview?

  22. Delloye

    How do you change the tolerance?

  23. Andrea

    Like the way all this information is “chunked.” Each tutorial segment allows me to absorb specific information. The many details of this application are audibly and visually explained one at a t time. Thanks

  24. Paul

    Is it possible to have the eraser instead replace the background with a different color? Or maybe there is a different tool. I have an image with a black background, but there are white/gray spots that I want to remove.


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