Full Screen

Use every inch of your Mac’s display by taking advantage of Pixelmator’s built-in support for the system-wide OS X Full Screen feature.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Butch

    It would be so great to have dockable palettes. The floating palette design is so bad and difficult. Have my time is spend shifting palettes out of the way.

  2. Juraj

    What if I have two screens and want to use Pixelmator on it instead of on my Macbook Pro?


  3. darius

    Display Preferences settings and arrangement determine the Full Screen view behaviour. Full Screen apps is, actually, an OSX Lion feature.
    Launch System Preferences and choose Displays, there you can adjust the settings to suit your needs.

  4. Gary C

    Nice to see that Pixelmator uses the standard keyboard shortcut to enter and exit Fullscreen mode (CONTROL+ COMMAND+F ). Some apps do not, like Aperture which is from Apple … go figure.

  5. Adult Work

    how much is the final price for Pixelator ? Any Coupons availeble ?

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