Understanding Levels

With the Levels color adjustment tool, you can quickly and easily brighten too dark or darken too bright images.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Macgiver Augusto Cariga Carhuapoma

    it was beatifulll

  2. Doug

    Wow, simple. Thanks!

  3. Cherry Parks

    I finally found something simple and very helpful.

  4. Gordon

    Would like to see a video on Photo enhancement with Pixelmator. Start with a crummy photo and show how to improve it with Pixelmator’s tools. Also would like to see a workflow video starting iPhoto>Pixelmator>iPhoto. More videos!

  5. Oro Perugia

    It’s simple and fast.

    This is my best choise!

  6. joel

    would love to see the work flow as well

  7. RichbergENT

    I like the adjustments such as level and color, but I would like to be able to go back and change it or undo the use of the function if desiered later. I feel that this should be a layer that you can “adjust” or “Tweek” as you create. This was something that I could do in previous version of pixelmator, now you can not. If for some reason Im wrong about that, you should make a video showing how this is done. I dont wont to be stuck with any Adjustment until I merge it with other layers or finalize my pictue when I export it. I should always be able to open the file back up and make changes to what I leave as a layer.

  8. Ausra

    @RichbergENT, I think that you are asking about the feature called layer styles. This isn’t currently available, and it hadn’t been available before in Pixelmator. However, you can recover previous image versions using Versions feature. Here’s a quick video about it: http://www.pixelmator.com/tutorials/versions/

  9. Rob

    @Asura – I think @RichbergENT is more talking about actual Adjustment Layers. So you could happily apply effects, adjust levels, do colour changes etc… above the actual main image layer; and then have the ability to go back in and edit these adjustments. Working non-destructively is always the best way if possible.

    Really nice updates happening to Pixelmator though… looking forward to the updates throughout 2013 🙂

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