May 16, 2024

Photomator update introduces an all-new export with previews and watermarks on Mac

We’re thrilled to introduce a completely redesigned export feature on Photomator for Mac. This update adds export preview, an easy-to-use watermarking tool for protecting your photos, and Quick Look integration for instant full-size previews and image sharing. With these new features, exporting your photos will be a breeze!

Export Previews

From now on, you will see an export preview in the export settings, allowing you to quickly view photos before exporting them. This eliminates the need to repeatedly export, check, and re-export photos until you achieve the desired result. Now, the actual export is the final step in your workflow. For a full-size preview, you can also use Quick Look, available via an icon in the Export view or by simply pressing the Space bar. This feature lets you view photos in full size, making it particularly useful for checking how the watermarked images look before exporting them.


The latest update also brings watermarks to Mac. You can easily protect your photos by applying text or image watermarks in the Photomator Export settings. This update offers advanced yet easy-to-use watermarking settings, letting you add a shadow to your text or logo, tile a watermark to create a repeating pattern throughout the photo, and much more. With a bit of creativity, this feature is also powerful enough to be used as a type tool in Photomator!


To export multiple watermarked photos at once, select the photos in the photo or file library and press the Command-E keyboard shortcut.

This is a (not so) minor update for Photomator, bringing major improvements to the exporting experience on Mac. Make sure to update to the latest version to take advantage of these amazing new features!

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