December 22, 2023

Pixelmator Team adds watermarking to Photomator and opens spots for file browser beta testing

Today, we’re happy to announce we’re checking off one more item from the Photomator roadmap — we’ve just released Photomator 3.3, adding a new photo watermarking feature that brings a simple yet powerful way to add watermarks to your photos on iPhone and iPad.

New Watermarking Feature

The new watermarking feature in Photomator lets you easily protect your creative work from being used without your permission by applying custom watermarks to your photos. When exporting photos, you can add watermarks as standalone text or images, or tile them repeatedly throughout the entire photo for an added layer of security.

Watermarks can also be incredibly useful for building your personal brand. Adding custom signatures or logos to photos helps people recognize and find more of your work easily, which is especially great if you’re just starting out your photography career.




Watermark Presets and Batch Editing

Photomator comes with 6 ready-made watermark presets that you can quickly apply to photos by simply replacing placeholder text or images. If you have custom watermarks you use often, you can also save them as presets for a quick access the next time you’re exporting photos. And, for photographers editing large volumes of photos, we’ve made it possible to watermark entire albums at once with full batch editing support.

Advanced Watermark Customization

When you add watermarks, they become an integral part of a photo, so we made sure you can make them look just how you want them. For instance, using handy anchor points and the Offset slider, you can move watermarks around and position them on a photo. You also can play around with their size, opacity, add a shadow, tile them, and more. For text-based watermarks, you can change their color, pick a font, and make the text bold or italic.

This update is all about making watermarking fast and simple, saving you more time for capturing and editing photos. Download the latest Photomator update from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and try out the new watermarking feature with your photos.

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Photomator File Browser is Now Available for Testing

We’re excited to announce that our second biggest and most anticipated project of the year (after Photomator for Mac) has finally entered its final development phase. We’re now ready to start testing the file browser in TestFlight, and we would love your help in identifying any remaining issues and perfecting it for the official release.

The file browser offers incredible new features such as seamless edit syncing with original files, the ability to edit photos from external drives, and import folders by simply dragging and dropping them to Photomator. If you’re excited to try it out, remember that beta spots are limited. Click the link below to sign up and get the first look at Photomator’s new file browser on Mac!

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