November 22, 2023

Photomator introduces full HDR support with advanced features for editing HDR photos captured with iPhone

Photomator 3.2 is now available, bringing all-around HDR support for importing, editing and exporting HDR photos, including those captured with your iPhone. It also introduces a cutting-edge Smart HDR feature, letting you convert SDR photos to HDR and take advantage of the advanced HDR photo editing capabilities with any photo. We’re thrilled to introduce HDR photo editing support on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and bring you some amazing creative possibilities!

Full HDR Support

Photomator offers a comprehensive HDR photo editing workflow, allowing you to seamlessly import, edit, and export HDR photos, all while preserving their HDR data. From now on, you can choose to always work with HDR photos in Photomator or continue working with SDR photos without changing your workflow. All the editing tools in Photomator, including Super Resolution, Denoise, and the Repair tool, are fully compatible with HDR photos and we’ve revamped our color adjustments, so they work exceptionally well when you fine-tune the colors of HDR photos. And, when you finish editing your photos, the HDR edits are automatically saved back to the Photos app, ensuring that they seamlessly sync across all your devices.


To work with HDR, you’ll need to update to iOS 17 and macOS 14 Sonoma. Also, you’ll need a compatible display. Find the requirements and more information about working with HDR in this article.



iPhone’s HDR Photos

Starting from 2020, all photos taken with iPhones are automatically captured in HDR mode. However, when you edit these photos in photo editing apps, they’re usually converted and saved as SDR. From now on, Photomator lets you edit iPhone HDR photos just like any other HDR photos and automatically save them back to the Photos library with all the HDR edits intact. And, when editing, you can use all the editing tools, including the Repair tool. It’s particularly noteworthy as the Photos app doesn’t support the Repair function for HDR images – Photomator addresses this by letting you effortlessly remove any unwanted objects or flaws from HDR photos captured with your iPhone.

Smart HDR

In addition to full HDR support, Photomator introduces the Smart HDR feature, which allows you to convert SDR photos to HDR. Often, images that feature clouds, sun reflections, or those captured in intense light conditions may look washed out in SDR. With a single click of a button, you can instantly convert an SDR photo to HDR and bring these photos back to life by unveiling richer colors, deeper contrast, and more detail in the brightest areas. Later, you can edit and share them with all the HDR data preserved – just like any other HDR photo.



Import and Export HDR Photos

When it comes to importing HDR photos, Photomator lets you open HDR photos captured with iPhone, edit RAW and ProRAW files in HDR, and open other ISO HDR formats. For the update, Photomator also adds new HDR export formats to let you share HDR images without compromising their quality. Below, you’ll find a list of supported import and export formats with our suggestions on which export format to choose based on your specific use case.

HDR Import Formats

  • HDR photos captured with iPhone
  • RAW and ProRAW
  • HEIC (10-bit)
  • AVIF (10-bit)
  • JPEG XL (10-bit)
  • PNG (16-bit)
  • TIFF (32-bit from Photoshop)
  • OpenEXR
  • Radiance HDR

HDR Export Formats

  • HDR HEIC (for sharing HDR photos to Apple apps, such as Motion and Final Cut Pro)
  • HDR JPEG (for photos viewed in both SDR and HDR)
  • HDR Still Image Video (for uploading HDR photos on the web)
  • HDR PNG (for archiving HDR photos)
  • OpenEXR (for exporting HDR photos to other video and image editing apps)
  • Photomator

We can’t wait to see the amazing results you’ll achieve with the powerful HDR editing capabilities in Photomator. This update is accessible to all existing Photomator users. If you haven’t downloaded Photomator yet, now is the ideal moment to do so, as it’s currently on Black Friday sale, with the first year of its subscription costing just $9.99.

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