December 16, 2021

Pixelmator Photo for iPhone is here

Pixelmator Photo, the most powerful photo editor ever designed for a mobile device, is now available on iPhone. From the very first day we released Pixelmator Photo on iPad, we’ve dreamed about having this editor on our iPhones and we’re beyond excited to announce that it’s finally here.

What makes Pixelmator Photo so incredibly cool? A few exceptional features.

Over 30 desktop-class color adjustments

The color adjustments in Pixelmator Photo were first developed for Pixelmator Pro, our layer-based image editor for Mac. They were designed to let you edit the color of images in just about any way you could imagine while preserving the highest possible color quality and detail. And all those incredible tools are now available on iPhone.

Full support for over 600 RAW formats, including Apple ProRAW

Pixelmator Photo includes full, native support for RAW photos from over 600 cameras as well as the Apple ProRAW format. Editing RAW gives you much more flexibility and makes it possible to recover seemingly lost detail. And in Pixelmator Photo, that flexibility is unlimited because every editing tool works nondestructively. This includes our Repair tool, which is possibly the only fully-fledged object removal tool that works nondestructively with RAW shots.

Tools powered by machine learning

Machine learning is the most magical technology in image and photo editing today. And Pixelmator Photo is packed full of super-intelligent tools powered by machine learning. Like automatic photo enhancement that, with just a tap, lets you improve a photo like a pro photographer. You can also increase the resolution of photos (think “Zoom… Enhance!”) using AI, remove camera noise, automatically crop photos, and more. Even if you’re a complete beginner to photo editing, you can jump in and start making your photos look amazing.

Effortless library management, powered by the Photos app

Pixelmator Photo is designed from the ground up to build upon your Photos library. When you edit photos, changes sync with the Photos app automatically, your edits are nondestructively preserved by Pixelmator Photo, and everything just works. And specially for iPhone, we’ve added a new, filmstrip-style editor that makes opening photos for editing simpler and easier than ever.

Available on iPhone and iPad

Pixelmator Photo is a Universal app, so once you buy it for iPhone, it’s yours to keep on iPad too. And if you’ve already bought it on iPad, congratulations – you now have the most most powerful photo editor for iPhone in your pocket, too.

That’s it. That’s the blog post. If you want to take your iPhone photography to the next level, Pixelmator Photo is for you. If you want to edit RAW photos you’ve taken with your digital camera right on your phone, Pixelmator Photo is for you. If you want touch up and improve photos using the most advanced tools out there, Pixelmator Photo is for you. And you can get it on the App Store today with a special 50% launch discount.

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