June 18, 2020

Automation with AppleScript and Pixelmator Pro 1.8 public beta

What what what, Pixelmator Pro 1.8?! Oh yes, we’re feeling extra generous after the recent sneak peek at Pixelmator Pro 1.7 and we have some more great news about another great feature coming to Pixelmator Pro. That great feature is incredibly extensive support for AppleScript, the powerful and easy to use English-like scripting language for macOS.

Using AppleScript, you can control most of the tools and features in Pixelmator Pro and speed up repetitive tasks or even write scripts to create special effects. And because AppleScript is based on English, you don’t even need much programming experience to get started with it!

Here’s a quick example of something you can do with AppleScript.

Or, remember the tutorial for the Groovy text effect we released not too long ago? You can use AppleScript to automate that too! If you’d like to test this out, you can download both that sample script and the “Hello, world!” script below.

Download SCRIPTs

And to help us polish off AppleScript support, we’re going to need your help. So, starting today, we’re releasing the 1.8 update as a public beta. You can sign up for the beta by emailing us at beta@pixelmator.com. And we’ll be waiting for your feedback at the same address!

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