December 16, 2014

New Pixelmator for Mac and iPad Updates

It’s an exciting day today. We have two (!) Pixelmator updates ready for you to download: Pixelmator for Mac 3.3.1 and Pixelmator for iPad 1.0.2. Things like this only happen before the Holiday Season.

Pixelmator for Mac 3.3.1

Pixelmator for Mac comes wrapped in some new and pretty neat features. You’ve been asking about them for some time, so we’re quite excited to announce that with Pixelmator for Mac 3.3.1, you now can:

  • Pinch to zoom within a document window.
  • Scroll your shapes, gradients, and styles collections within Shapes, Gradients, and Styles palettes.

In addition to the new features, we’ve squashed some bugs and improved the Pixelmator performance. You can now properly see the document window bottom side, the Info bar now correctly displays X and Y coordinates, the Pixelmator folder now always appears in iCloud Drive, and much more.

Pixelmator for iPad 1.0.2

Pixelmator for iPad has got some love, too. We’ve made some great improvements with rotation, so it’s now so much easier to rotate objects, the brushes have been remastered to work better with styluses, and a whole lot more:

  • We’ve made it way easier to rotate objects on the canvas.
  • You can rotate even more precisely with the new Rotate slider in Format > Arrange.
  • A new Opacity slider to adjust brush tip opacity.
  • A new Brush Size slider to adjust the Retouch tool tip size.
  • Remastered brushes to work better with styluses.
  • A slew of fixes to preserve EXIF metadata:
    • Image metadata is preserved when using Pixelmator Photo Editing Extension;
    • Image metadata is preserved when opening and exporting images to Photo Library;
    • Image metadata is preserved if image is opened from iCloud Drive.
  • A bunch of fixes to improve Photo Editing Extension:
    • Remastered Blur effect to work better;
    • Minimized the extension app executable file size to lower memory footprint;
    • Removed all unnecessary resources so the extension package is even smaller.
  • The selection drawing performance is way better now.
  • Sharpen effect performance is greatly improved.
  • Sharpen/Soften retouching tools’ intensity is improved.
  • Selection animation now restores correctly when switching between apps.
  • Removed irrelevant warning about color profiles when exporting PNG or JPG files to Pixelmator iCloud Drive.
  • Fixed several minor memory leaks.
  • Improved app launch stability. Please upgrade to iOS 8.1.2, too. If you are still experiencing any issues, please email us at
  • Improved compatibility with Pixelmator for Mac shapes.
  • Improved the Paint Selection tool performance.
  • Fixed possible crashing issue related to the Paint Selection tool.
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization.

Enjoy the updates and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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  • StudioDorgs

    Thank you so MUCH for the scrollable, resizable palettes! That’s a wonderful holiday present. My shapes & gradients palettes had been jammed with no way see all the shapes & gradients, or even remove them, so this is really fabulous. :o)))

  • Bernd Meitzner

    Pixelmator 3.3.1 for Mac is a bad update.
    In crop tool remove 3:2 and 4:3 ratio again. 🙁
    This was in previous version available.
    I need this to process my photos from camera.



    Thanks for this!

    Could it be that the aspect ratio of the image as a crop setting is new?

  • Mark D

    Oh man this is awesome! Pinch to zoom and scrolling shapes are for sure my two biggest feature requests. In the same update!! Great stuff.

    (it does look like the scroll bar covers part of the last column of shapes, but I don’t even care!)

  • Wolfman

    And why not a resizable brushes palette?

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    @Wolfman: brushes are already grouped into groups. You can change those groups by clicking the Action menu.

  • Daniel

    Hi Pixelmator team – any progress on the nondestructive editing we were expecting this year? 🙂 That’s my biggest need right now.

  • Roy

    Any word yet on Pixelmator for the iPhone?

  • Josh L


    Now how about two finger rotation on the track pad?

    I see a great opportunity for Pixelmator to become the ultimate replacement for iPhoto and Photoshop (or Aperture). Just need some more tweaks and it can be a reality.

    Would love to see lens correction added. 😉

  • OGenius

    What a fantastic job you have done! Congrats for this amazing nomination! We loved every single pixel of Pixelmator, both on iPad and Mac! Let’s hope to see Pixelmator adapted for the iPhone 6 Plus 🙂
    Here is Mac Aficionados review of Pixelmator for iPad for the French readers!

  • Robert

    It would be lovely to work with Pixelmator on iPhone 6 Plus, do you agree with me? I will definitely buy it when you release it for iPhone in 2015.

  • Jack

    Still no CMYK support? Really? People have been begging for CMYK (at least export) since the first version, yet it is still absent. On the other hand, I’ve not read in the support forum, or heard anywhere online, a single person asking for stupid pinch to zoom gestures.

  • Aevu

    I still need a canvas rotation… without it, pixelmator is not very useful for me.

  • David M


    The new rotation slider does not seem to be availeble for text.

  • Carly

    Hi, is this discount still available? Thanks!

  • Nick

    You didn’t add rotate gesture. I told you about that feature about 1.5 years ago. And you didn’t add it. 🙁
    I’m dissatisfied.

  • Steve

    Would you please not use light gray (on a white background) for text on Web pages? It’s very difficult to read, at least for some of us of a certain age. You’ll understand when you’re middle-aged and your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Thank you.

  • Gille

    Attention! PixelMator works very wrong with “El Capitan”

  • MLF

    the Version 3.4 Twist doesn’t work with El Capitan…
    no words…:-(