October 16, 2014

Sneak Peek at Pixelmator for iPad

This one is huge. And I mean it. 

We are extremely excited to finally let you know that we’ve been working very hard at a non-stop pace for two years on something that is definitely one of the best apps for the iPad ever. Or, if you will, definitely the best image editing app for the iPad.

Today, we introduce Pixelmator for iPad — a full featured image editing app for the iPad.

Just to tease you a bit more, we won’t show everything as of yet. But there are a few things that we just cannot keep to ourselves:

Pixelmator for iPad is a full featured, layer-based image editor that you can use to create, edit, and enhance your images. It looks amazing. It is a real iOS 8 app. Also, it is so incredibly easy to use. Pixelmator for iPad has a fantastic true-to-life painting engine, incredible color adjustments, retouching tools, gorgeous effects, shapes, typography, selection tools, non-destructive layer styles, and pretty much all of the advanced image editing tools that you will ever need. 

If that’s not enough, well, Pixelmator for iPad can work with Photoshop documents. Of course, it works flawlessly with Pixelmator for Mac via full iCloud support, via Handoff, or whatever else you choose. 

It is definitely a superb app and here is a tiny sneak peek of what it looks like:

Pixelmator for iPad is coming out very soon. It will cost $4.99, and it is going to be awesome. Oh, and by the way, it’s just 1.0 yet. This is only the beginning.


  • peter


  • R0b

    Very good exciting stuff! Great presentation too!

  • Andreas Dantz

    Pixelmator for iPad looks amazing. But I’d love it even more on my iPhone 6 Plus. Can I hope for an iPhone version in the future?

  • everett

    My migration from a laptop to iPad only use will be completed with this one program. SOOOO stoked!

  • Peter

    This looks awesome but please don’t forget about your bread and butter Pixelmator for Mac.

    Will definitely buy it when released.

  • Ashraf Ali

    $4.99 for desktop class photoshop-like alternative? THIS IS INSANE! THANK YOU! Instant trigger purchase, no doubt.

  • Ricardo

    Will work on iPad 4th?

  • charles

    can it read RAW files?

  • Kent

    Will Vectormator be included?

  • khashayar

    What devices can run this?

  • Sophie

    Will this work on retina ipad? Also I have Photoshop Touch but I’m looking forward to this!

  • Max

    Congratulations, guys, for being invited on stage to the Apple event. I’m sure it feels gratifying after so many years of hard work. You deserve it.

  • Josh

    I love you guys! Thank you for the hard work you put into this software. I tell everyone about the wonders of Pixelmator. I teach Photo Editing on the iPad…. Pixelmator for iPad will be mentioned and demostrated prominently!

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    @Peter, we won’t forget Pixelmator for Mac. In fact, the update is on its way, too.

    @ Ricardo, yes it will!

    @ khashayar, Pixelmator for iPad will be compatible with iPad 2 and later.

  • Gary Tate

    Thx you have me big$$$ now an app for the iPad and compatible with iCloud.

    Bye adobe

  • Jamie

    iPad 2? Will it be worth running on mine? I’m sure to get it and find out! And I hope SOONER rather than LATER!

    My wife is a graphic designer and uses Adobe CC so I felt for a long time I should take advantage of my access, but it’s just NEVER any FUN! Pixelmator has always (since 1.0) been one of my favorite software to use, and I’m a recording musician, not designer!!

    I can’t wait to show this off to everyone I know on the iPad!!

    And if we can’t use it on iPhone, I have this question: with iCloud Drive, can I take a shot with my iphone and then immediately access it inside Pixelmator for iPad? Kind of like a studio/locationhotographer would do with an SLR wired to a MacBook or iMac?

  • Ausra (Pixelmator Team)

    @Jamie: Yup, you are right. You will be able to edit not only on your iPad with Pixelmator, but on your Mac, too.

  • Falk Meyer

    This is excellent news to me.
    Finally one of the most wanted apps on the iPad for me.
    Just the other day, in fact I think it was even yesterday, I looked up alternatives to Pixelmator for iPad.

    Sure there are lots of apps that let you draw, etc, but I’d be nice having a Mac-trusted brand on my iPad, seeing how Adobe is aspiring to accomplish ultimate licensing frustration with me.


    Thumbs up for the Pixelmator team. I’ve been waiting for this.

  • SPMD

    Fantastic news!!

    thank you, THANK YOU~!

  • Edward Glasheen

    Awesome! Can’t wait…

  • Mark

    I’ve been using Pixelmator for the last several years. Can’t wait for iPad version. The short presentation at the Apple event was one of the highlights for me; great job!

  • Johanna Romero

    This is amazing news. I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. This is all I needed to finally delete Photoshop Touch from my iPad.

  • Nick

    Guys this is insanely cheap, I would of been more than happy to pay the same price as the mac app, this will be an instant purchase for me when it’s out.

  • PsykX

    Very nice, and great price too. It seems like a great interface, I cannot complain as much as I complain on OS X. The website is also much more readable in white !

    I wish I had an iPad all of a sudden 😉

  • Gamble

    Any plans on releasing for iPhone 6 / 6 plus? I have been waiting for a great editing app like this and would love to have it always with me. Either way I will get it for my ipad2 🙂

  • Jordan

    Congrats guys! I had a feeling this was coming soon 🙂 And major props for your demo at the Keynote, you guys did great. Well deserved!

  • Randy

    I’ve been waiting for this for ever!

  • Sebastian

    Pixelmator is the number one option for image editing on the Mac. The price of the OSX version is already unbelievable low and the price for the iOS version is on pair with that.

    What a lot of users would like to see is an iOS Pixelmator version running on the iPhone 6 Plus, obviously this device makes perfect sense for quick, on the road editing.

    Can you give some hope to those users?

  • Francesco

    It will be compatible with iPad 3?

  • Tommy


    What’s about an version for the iPhone6+? Would be so happy to have it too.

    Best regards from Germany

    P.S. Btw, congrats for you presentation yesterday, way better than Reply ?

  • Sjoerd

    Will there be support for the Wacom Creative Stylus 2? (Pressure sensitivity and palm rejection)

  • Jason

    Will this work on the iPad Mini 2?

  • Brian

    Will you be supporting any of the available bluetooth styluses for pressure sensitivity in brushes?

  • Kevin White

    Pixelmator is *the* reason I’m considering an iPad Air 2. Fantastic news!

  • Ron

    That looks very nice for people enjoying their iPads. Like other graphics professionals, I’m still much more interested in replacing the OS X workstation graphics software from Adobe that I’m forced to now rent from those greedy bastards in order to make a living. That means CMYK output, etc etc.

  • Heath Ballard

    I use Pixelmator for Mac almost everyday…what an amazing app! I can’t wait for Pixelmator for iPad. Congrats on the Keynote…very well deserved! I agree w/ one commenter above…as good as these apps are, I would gladly pay a lot more, just to ensure you can continue developing these apps at such as high level. Thanks!


    YAY!! WooHoo!! Good-bye Adobe Photoshop.. finally… I am so tired of the ball and chain of Adobe! Thankful though too for their work thoughout the years.. However the monthly payment that Adobe wants everyone to-now-pay for PhotoShop is a big bummer for many. I am debt free and do NOT want to have a reoccuring monthly payment like Adobe wants from everyone these days.. (I’d rather pay up front).. so I bought their iPad version instead [their fonts by-the-way on that iPad version aren’t very good.. & you cannot easily add multiple sentences to a graphic if you need that]. I am SOOO EXCITED for this NEW Pixelmator iPad App.. I just bought the Mac Pixelmator version for my Mac Book Pro. Thanks Pixelmator Team!!! Thanks Apple Team…YeeHa!! ?????


    P.S. I have an iPad 3 & an iPhone 6 Plus.. So wanting to be able to use a version of this App on my new iPhone 6 Plus as well as my iPad 3 (a.k.a. iPad-HD)

  • Mark

    Since the beginning of Pixelmator (1.0) I have been a huge fan, A simple yet powerful photo editor and with every version released I am wowed. With this new iPad version I feel it will be a natural extension to the desktop app. Gratz!

  • David Allen Wizardgold

    I can’t wait until I can get my hands on this Pixelmator for iOS. I know that it will be a little bit slow when it first starts off in the first couple of versions but I am expecting great things. Well done! And I hope we won’t have to wait too long before it is in the App Store.

  • Suleiman

    This is outstanding news, especially the handover feature. I know I know everyone keep asking this but will this work on the iPad Mini 1?

    Also any news on a release date? Many thanks.

    ~ Sul

  • Jim Hildebrand

    Will Pixelmator’s iPad app filters and editing tools be accessible in the new Photos app?

  • Noah

    Thank you! Really looking forward to it. Any idea if this will have an extension for the Photos app for iPad?

  • Quasar

    Would be nice if it supported other cloud storage providers like google drive or one drive.

  • Federico Grassilli

    Extremely beautiful! I’m looking forward to buy the app and, since I plan to buy an Adonit stylus, I hope the app will be compatible with Jot Script and Jot Touch and with Pencil by Fiftythree.
    Amazing work!

  • Noor Sultani

    this question was asked few time in this post but no body
    seems to respond to it. Any plan for developing Pixalmator on iPhone plus.

  • Richie Felix

    Pixelmator has been my favorite photo editor on my Mac. I’ve been using Photoshop Touch since it came out, but always lamented that Pixelmator was not on my iPad. Looking at your demo at the launch of iPad Air 2 I was so proud, in fact this is the only reason I’ve pre-ordered an iPad Air 2. I wish I could preorder Pixelmator for iPad as well so that it would be on my 4th Generation iPad and new iPad as soon as you release.

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Jessica

    Will it support full resolution photos from a dslr? Photoshop touch doesnt.

  • AHKei

    just cant wait for this amazing app.

  • Kercal

    Fabulous news and very much looking forward to drawing with the brush engine. I hope it captures the magic of the desktop version 🙂

  • Saulius Dailide

    No need to pre-order. Pixelmator for iPad will be out very soon. Cheers.

  • Navid

    iPhone 6 plus please!!! Thank you for you for All the great work.

  • CorkyO

    Seeing the same images on the US site with what definitely looks to be Pixelmator with a new full screen layout. Looking forward to it if that is indeed a release coming soon.


    Things look to be getting better all the time. 😉

  • Nick

    The white blog entry is like a breath of fresh air compared to all the black. Hopefully you’ll give the Pixelmator interface the same treatment or at least optional. Those black interfaces have such a boxed in / claustrophic feeling to them.

  • Marcus Pfeil

    When will it be out? Can’t wait 😉

  • sai

    Literally cannot wait!!!!

  • Rowan

    I love my iPad but for various reasons I am selling it. I will one day own one again though. For now it’s just the 6+. bought and love the Mac version. PLEASE release an iPhone 6+ version. Doesn’t have to be universal I’m happy to buy it twice. Who cares about price, I just want this software. 🙂

  • Pedro

    Looking forward to start using Pixelmator on my ipad.
    I love que Mac version and i’m sure that i won’t be disappointed with the ipad version.
    Will the new Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 and the Wacom Bamboo Fineline be supported by Pixelmator?

  • Montychristo86

    Hopefully, this will really eat into Adobe’s pork share of the market. Down with Photoshop! Long live Pixelmator!

  • Jacob Gelman

    This should run like magic on the new iPad Air.

  • Richie Felix

    Just Installed it!

    I’m like a kid who got early Christmas gifts my iPad Air 2 and now Pixelmatr for iPad.

  • Dragon Breath

    Wow. Comments about download problems being mod deleted by the dozens.

  • Bubba Jones

    For those of us that do not have an iPad, but do have the new iPhone 6 Plus we want the ability to see our Pixelmator files on the iPhone 6 Plus. Also, for others that do have both iPhone 6 Plus and iPad, not always will they have their iPad with them, however they may have their iPhone 6 Plus. In that situation they may be in a impromptu meeting with a person that may become a client. Having the ability from their 6 Plus to show the prospective client a Pixelmator file may help seal the deal making that person a new client.

  • Gasim

    The moment there is going to be an iPhone version, I’m going to buy it without thinking twice about it 🙂 so all I can do now is hope

  • Derek

    Does,the retouching tool work with the iPad Mini Retina (i.e., the iPad Mini 2 as it has now been renamed)? Both the iPad Air (declared as supported) and the iPad Mini Retina share the same hardware and A7 processor – but the Pixelmator spec’s state that the feature is only supported by “iPad Air or later”.

  • Greg

    please make this compatible with the iPhone 6 plus.

  • Santhana

    Very nice tool… Wondering if there is a more efficient way to browse through the pictures from a folder for editing. Having to go to the folder and pick the picture every time for editing is time consuming if we have many pics to edit.

  • Photo-ay

    Until now all export from edited jpg files from the ipad apps delete the exif info, or downsizes the resolution from the jpg files.
    How is this working with Pixelmator? Does it keep all the info, includes the edits and can I choose where to export to?
    Hope to hear from you soon, so I can buy this great looking app!!!

  • Chris Nowakowski

    Seems like there is still no clear answer on whether you will make an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ app. Can you please let us anxious iPhone users know? It seems to be widespread that there is demand for it. What does it take on your end to port the iPad app to the iPhone?

  • Sam Radford

    I would SO love this on my iPhone 6 Plus. This is the device it would be most useful to me on and get the most usage. Really hope you guys develop it!

  • Maureen Iles

    After reading all the above comments, I am contemplating buying the Pixelmator app for my Macbook Pro – question is will it also be able to be downloaded to my iPad? Thanks in anticipation. Don’t want to buy it twice if there is no need to.