January 23, 2014

Pixelmator 3.1 Marble Fully Optimized for New Mac Pro

Update brings support for 16-bit color images on the new Mac Pro and adds new print options

The Pixelmator Team today announced Pixelmator 3.1 Marble, an incredible update to its innovative, fast, and full-featured image editing app that adds support for 16-bit per channel images on the new Mac Pro and a new option for ordering prints. Pixelmator 3.1 Marble is available today as a free update from the Mac App Store.

Pixelmator 3.1 Marble

“We are extremely excited for professionals to experience the power and speed of Pixelmator 3.1 Marble on their new Mac Pros,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “Harnessing the power of the Mac Pro’s dual-GPU architecture, we’re now able to support 16-bit per channel images for the first time and push the limits of Pixelmator performance like never before.”

Fully optimized for the new Mac Pro, Pixelmator 3.1 Marble leverages the full power of the dual workstation-class GPUs built into it. Both graphics cards are used simultaneously to accelerate composition rendering and compute demanding tasks. This means that image editing is now completely seamless, and even with large and complex compositions you will experience profoundly faster and more responsive performance.

The enhancements for Pixelmator 3.1 Marble paired with the incredible power of the new Mac Pro allow us to bring support for 16-bit per channel color images, a feature professionals rely on, giving the flexibility to make adjustments to extreme lengths while keeping the image quality intact. Now all pros can take advantage of faster and more powerful editing of high-quality, rich, and vibrant pictures with Pixelmator 3.1 Marble on the new Mac Pro.

The Pixelmator Team also partnered with MILK Print on Demand to offer a new Order Prints feature. You can now quickly and easily turn your gorgeous images into stunning, fine-quality prints. With just a few clicks, you can order Pixelmator images as postcards, notecards, gallery frames, or posters and have them delivered right to your door.

Pixelmator 3.1 Marble also includes a number of improvements for Layer Styles, Type Tool, selections and others. 


  • Gepard

    16-Bit support is Mac Pro only? Other Apps could do it even on the good old Power PC. Or have I missed something.

  • Nero

    Is it like Mac Pro or Photoshop?

  • yoz-y

    Most of your improvements are really just bugfixes. Not complaining about them, bugfixes are always welcome, but I was disappointed that no new features (apart comeback of some filters) were added for commoners.

  • JeTy

    Hi, wonderful app, but pls. think about people with not so god eyes. And maybe implement to choose gui color. (not everybody likes Black). For my self i prefer regular mac grey.

    Thank you

  • Nero

    It seems that Pixelmator comes in 2 releases now. One is for Mac Pro users and another for “the rest of us”. Anyway thanks for update…

  • Ausra

    Hi all!

    16-bit support will be coming to Pixelmator on all Macs as well. We just need a little more time to implement it.

  • Nero

    @Ausra It sounds much better now. Thumbs up!

  • Lilt

    Sorry, but Mac Pro Only improvements are absurd. The 5 people with Mac Pros are not your userbase. Those people use Photoshop and are not going to be impressed by 16-bit support when you still don’t even have frickin adjustment layers. Your users have iMacs, MacBooks (pro tip: they have trackpads that support multi-touch gestures), and Minis.

  • Jordan

    That’s right complain away at a free update. You guys need to get out more. You paid for Pixelmator because of what it was at the date of purchase. The Pixelmator team can do as they wish with free updates.

  • Cezary

    Compability 10.8.5 or later. Why??? Please 10.7.5

  • Threed

    I have supported you guys from the beginning but making an update with a new feature that most of your users wanted very much but can’t use is just dumb. And I while appreciate the improvments and hard work you guys do I sincerely hope that this isn’t going to be the standard from here on out.

    I do absolutely love the app and will continue to support you guys but I am disappointed in what just happened. You have just successfuly segregated your user base and that definitely not good for business.

  • MIke


    If you cared to actually read the comments, you will see two comments about your own that Ausra is addressing your rant.
    To the rest who complaints all the time…. go back to Photoshop then?. Pixelmator is one of the few companies that puts out features in the right order and pace.

    I would much rather have right in the first place, rather than doing it the normal way, spitting out features right and left, half ass implemented, and buggy as hell.

  • Max Lein

    16 bit support, finally, you guys are doing really great work.

  • Johnny

    What’s the point of releasing a Mac Pro only update when so many people haven’t even gotten their Mac Pro’s yet? Why not just release it when all Mac owners can benefit from 16-bit support?

    Seriously, I was hoping I’d regret getting a Creative Cloud subscription because Pixelmator would come thru with basic professional features like adjustment layers. THen I could dump it and actually use Pixelmator for my work. But nope, I get print options that most people won’t use and 16-bit support if I’m one of the few to have a new Mac Pro.

    Guys, it’s like your development roadmap is based on trying to get featured in an Apple Design Award again and not on what your customers actually need. But I can’t wait for you all any longer. I hate to give Adobe my money, but that’s my only option.

    Enjoy your new office and one less customer.

  • Javier

    For all of you complaining about this “poor” update, here’s an idea: Go learn how to code, make a better app, and sell it for $30 bucks. Then make sure you keep adding new cool features on a regular basis, even if you don’t earn any extra dollar for it. Hey, I may even buy it!

    Pixelmator team: Thank you for your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated (by most of us anyway).

  • MIke

    @Johnny. Hey, don’t let the door slam you too hard. Say i to Adobe for me 🙂

  • Azrael

    Well done to the Pixelmator team on this update. Lots of bug fixes, returning features, refinement of other features and the long awaited 16 bit feature with optimisations for the Apple’s ‘killer’ Mac Pro. The extensive support for the new machine is impressive.

    For the ‘5’ people who have ‘Mac Pros.’ For the rest of us (Pixelmator’s user base probably 95% plus non Mac Pro?) it seems just a little ill timed.

    You could equally argue that they’re right out the traps with support for Apple’s latest tech’ i.e. the Mac Pro! Are Adobe? 😛

    Overall, a quality release. But it omits support for ‘95%’ of Pixelmator’s user base (with 1 million downloads…we’re talking iMacs and MacBooks probably…) At least one of the team came on to say they needed a bit more time to support the majority of Macs.

    Fair enough. At least they said so. 😉

    Keep up the good work, Pixelmator. Adjustment layers next? 🙂


  • Azrael

    …and it’s ANOTHER free update! You can’t argue. Directly or indirectly they’re going after Adobe’s user base of image editors. By the time they’re finished…you won’t need Photoshop for ‘95%’ of the time.

    Pixelmator isn’t Photoshop. It has similarities. But it has it’s own personality. It’s a superb app at the price. …destined to go down in the annals of Mac developer history.

    I like their hunger and desire. They take their time to implement the key features their customers want and do it in their unique manner. At the moment, I’d rather give £20 or less when it’s on offer to them rather than feed the rented greed machine of C.Cloud…or the whopping price of £600-ish to buy PS.


  • Mark

    Kudos to the Pixelmator team!

    I have no complaints – and to those who complain that this is a “Mac Pro” update only – No. It’s a Pixelmator update with a slew of bug fixes and enhancements, of which several happen to be for the Mac Pro only right now, and will be yours soon, as Ausra notes. Patience.

    Where the hell else are you going to find such an amazing app, at such a ridiculously low price, with frequent *free* updates? Get off your high horses and heap praise upon these folks – they are doing the impossible, and that makes them mighty!

  • Heath Ballard

    For all the people that complain on here….I don’t understand how they can have issue with buying an amazing app, and getting free update, after free update. I’d easily pay the $30 bucks again at the 4.0 version, just to support you guys and your amazing development efforts! I’m not saying I don’t want adjustment layers, SVG export, single-window mode, etc., but free bug fixes are always appreciated. I can be patient…especially with three great updates in the span of 6-8 months. Keep up the great work!!

  • Mike

    Thanks for the update guys. Please ignore all the habitual complainers.
    I read the comments from the start and saw your comment about 16bit and MacPro and understand that you are continuing to add more and more features to this outstanding product.
    I find it laughable that some folks are comparing a product that they paid $29 – against one that retails for $600!
    Adobe increment version numbers and force an upgrade fee for fewer features than have just been added to Pixelmator.

  • Prolusio

    Thanks guys, great work as allways – and you just helped with a great excuse for buying a Mac Pro, I had a hard time making one up myself 😉

  • Holger

    Don’t want to complain as it is (again) a free update, but I wonder why there still is no locking of layers? Should be easy to implement and make a great product even better. Is this “feature” on your list at all?

    Besides that, great work. I managed to do my work without Adobe software since two months now.

  • PsykX

    It’s going to become a running joke that this app still has a black interface.

    I would appreciate every single bug fix if the interface was more ergonomic. Hell, I would even welcome new comments in the developers’ code even if it doesn’t do anything on my app.

  • PsykX

    @ Cezary : Why support 10.7.5 ? The goal to making Mavericks free to everyone is not just good for you as an end-user, but it’s also good for devs who can make good use of all the latest technologies.

  • Nero

    Very nice web pages with every graphics btw. Idea with sk8 is delicious.))

  • needz

    Mieli tautieciai, kodel nepostinate visu komentu? Nelabai grazu..

  • Coen

    Mac’s cheapest image editing app requires the most expensive Mac around for 16 bit support? I’m bummed the Pixelmator team have such a poor image of what their user base looks like.

  • Coen

    Food for thought: Who would use Pixelmator as their premier editing app if they can afford the leanest and meanest Mac around?

  • Mateo

    “What’s the point of releasing a Mac Pro only update when so many people haven’t even gotten their Mac Pro’s yet? Why not just release it when all Mac owners can benefit from 16-bit support?”

    Why Mac Pro users should have to wait if the new feature is already implemented for Mac Pros? Are you the kind of guy who is sad when his neighboor wins at lottery?

  • Johnny

    @Mateo. No, I wouldn’t be sad if my neighbor won the lottery. And I really don’t see how your analogy relates.

    Some people seem to think that those who are critical are ungrateful for free updates but still want all their requested features for free. Neither of these thoughts are accurate. I’d be happy to pay for the features I need. I’m obviously paying Adobe for them right now, every month. Its that Pixelmator just doesn’t have some basic yet critical features, period. It’s a layer-based image editing app with no non-destructive adjuster layers, still!

    Refinements are great, bug fixes are, too. But neither of these things enable me to use Pixelmator for my work. Neither does OpenCL support. I can’t get paid unless I can composite and edit images together. And as much as I’d like to replace Photoshop for this task, I can’t. And it’s frustrating because I’ve been waiting for a while now with money in my pocket, but then we get Mac Pro only 16-bit support and photo printing features.

  • James

    Kudos to the Pixelmator team for making such a beautiful and affordable app. That said I am amazed that there is still no locking for layers. I keep wanting to use Pixelmator, it has so many nice features and looks beautiful too, but I just find it too infuriating without locking layers. So I basically never use it. It sits, gathering dust, waiting for that one feature that I just can’t work without.

  • r0man

    @PsykX … why support 10.7.5? … because a fair number of us have macs with 32-bit efi’s that cant be upgraded past that os version. Oh, and these same macs quite happily run CS6, CC etc.
    I just bought PM 3.0 a couple of weeks back so am a bit miffed to say the least.

  • younky

    What I most need is the Single Window Mode, when can I get it?

  • Rasmus

    Great now I can’t wait to get my new Mac Pro and try it out. If I have one feature request for future versions it would be channels and luminosity based selections of channels. Really helps out when doing complex selections.

  • Marc J. Driftmeyer

    Congratulations. By the way, getting the OpenCL and multiple FirePro GPGPUs sorted out to process 16bit color, per channel was the smart way to go.

    You just put Pixelmator into the workflow for Final Cut Pro and more.

    People will figure this out once they get 16 bit for non-Mac Pros and discover a lot of Studios would love to use Pixelmator withe new Mac Pros they’ve purchased as an optimized portion of their workflow.

  • Ronaldio

    This is not an update that has a lot of features that are particularly useful to me, but it’s free and it doesn’t cause any harm so I have nothing to complain about. Along those lines I’d like to see CMYK support and tools like a history brush, an “aligned/not aligned” option for the stamping tool, lots more shortcuts and an optional grey GUI… I’m sure everyone has their preferences. Those of us who do professional design work and intensely resent Adobe and their absurd software rental scheme are indeed impatient for features that would allow us to use this software at work, and not just for small projects at home, but obviously that is not Pixelmator’s problem. You have to look at Pixelmator for what it offers and its price – it’s not Pixelmator’s fault that Adobe swallowed the competition and then went into monopoly mode.
    Pixelmator is great software and it’s nice to see that you are pushing it forward fairly aggressively. Keep up the good work!

  • ewgundam

    I think the next version requires progress in language support, using the English version is not so enjoyable to Hongkong People?

  • Alex emslie

    Hi just wondering if you can make a dvd cover on this software thanks

  • Ausra

    Hi Alex! Yes, you can create a dvd cover with Pixelmator.

  • Ivan

    we are very anxious for news

  • Paul Erickson

    Does anyone no what wallpaper that is?

  • Jason

    Does anyone else feel sad for the dog in this picture? Poor thing is going to be crushed by that wave.