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Happy Birthday, Pixelmator!

Three years ago today (September 25th, 2007) the glorious but, of course, a bit buggy Pixelmator 1.0 was released. Can you believe that it’s been three (3!, drei!, tres!, trois!, tre!) years? I can’t. It feels like a lot less.

The release of Pixelmator 1.0 was one of the most exciting application launches in the history of third-party Mac software. Even after three years, I can state that without a doubt Pixelmator is an absolute success. It exceeded our wildest expectations back then (the app made $60,000 the first day!) and is doing even better now (much better!). Imagine what will happen when we ship that bitchin’ 2.0 we’ve been preparing!

Anyway, to celebrate Pixelmator’s third birthday, we decided to not only post this article, sing songs, dance, eat a bunch of cake, and have some fun talks about ours truly, but also to do a little something for those of you who haven’t yet joined the list of happy Pixelmator users: give you a birthday coupon code! Yay!

Use the “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” code at our web store to purchase Pixelmator at a huge 30% discount. Hurry up, since the coupon code will work for only three days.


P.S. Good to know that Pixelmator is not getting older but is getting better, and its best years are still ahead.


  • xfodder

    3 years? jeez, i remember waiting for the 1.0 release, i was so excited! (nothing much has changed, i still get excited with each release! :D) keep up the excellent work guys 🙂 happy birthday!

  • Julian

    Congratulations, keep up the good work. It’s really astounding how far you’ve come in only three years.

  • Dainius

    Trys! Sveikinimai!

  • Alex

    Hard to believe it’s been 3 years 😀 Using Pixelmator a lot at work and home 🙂 Great product, thanks!

  • Wolfgang


  • Oscar Persson

    Happy birthday! Love what you are doing.

    Wonder how far this product will go :D.

  • Damien


    What happens once the 2.0 is out ?

    Because if I buy the 1.0 to -30% now but the new 2.0 is released in few month and I must pay it again, it’s not that interesting.


  • Aleks

    Happy birthday!

  • hamsta

    Congrats on Year 3 and thanks for creating such an awesome app. Looking forward to 2.0. Now go eat some cake and then get back to work! ;P

  • Jason Bradley

    Congrats guys! I remember when the haters said that Pixelmator was just vaporware (despite the live demo you did). To this day the Adobe CS5 still can’t match the Pixelmator user interface and EASE OF USE! I actually thought they would have caught up by now but they haven’t. Good job Saulius and team. I can’t wait for version 2.0!!!

    To all the Pixelmator users, please don’t complain if 2.0 is a paid upgrade. Up till now, all SIX upgrades were free and all added major features. I keep worrying these guys are going to get bought up by Apple or Adobe so please help support them.

  • Kercal

    Congrats Team Pixelmator, 3 years of quality and slipped deadlines 🙂 😉

    Pix is still without hesitation my favourite image editor, so much fun to play with and use. Keep up the hard work and whatever/whenever 2 is I’ll be there waiting for the download button to appear 🙂

  • Damien

    “To all the Pixelmator users, please don’t complain if 2.0 is a paid upgrade. Up till now, all SIX upgrades were free and all added major features.”

    Yeah great, but my money is not endless. I will wait for 2.0 then.

  • Jeff Handy

    The code doesn’t work for me. Sept. 25 + 3 days isn’t the 28th?

  • Damien

    Timezone dude, timezone …

  • mariusz

    Well, three days – it’s the 28th and the code doesn’t work for me

  • Ken

    Same here, I’m afraid. The code is invalid.

    Happy Birthday though, belatedly. 🙂

  • Timmy Trial

    Thanks for sharing found it very helpful thanks again.

  • Damien

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