• Redmond


  • MediaMarc

    This is amazing, the pixelmator development team is doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work and continue to make quality software affordable to the masses

  • Ahoge

    I don’t regret my purchase 🙂 Keep up the good work Pixelmator team!

  • Joe Smith

    It’s really nice to see this app coming along so well.
    I’d like to see offsets (for turning an image into a seamless texure) and an intelligent edge selection tool.
    It’s a pleasure to use the app, overall.

  • Hayertjez

    This is the most beutiful pixelmator picture I’ve seen.
    The more I have this app the more I am glad with it.

  • Shaffiq

    thanks a lot for all these wonderful tips but as now fagun maas is over so not polssbie to do this pooja….upto next year. so humble REQUEST….. is please try to upload tips early & on time so that we all may take benefit of these important thitis & pooja -paath ….thanks…HARI OM…….