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Pixelmator 1.2.3 and Tempo Beta

Here is some good news for all Pixelmator users: version 1.2.3 is out and features a bunch of bug fixes, minor improvements, and new keyboard shortcuts. Not a lot of changes, but still a must-have release since the app is getting better and better with every update.

In addition, we have created a Pixelmator Keyboard Shortcuts document. Many of you have been asking for a list of Pixelmator keyboard shortcuts, and here it is! We will be updating the document with almost every release now, so be sure to download it again after any Pixelmator updates.

Now, the interesting stuff. We are putting the final touches on Pixelmator 1.3 Tempo! Of course it looks great and works great, but since there are major foundation changes we will have to do in-depth beta testing.
Would you like to play with Pixelmator 1.3 Tempo before it is released? Of course you do, and so do I! Anyway, if so, simply drop us an e-mail at beta@pixelmator.com, and make sure you mention your Mac’s technical specifications (Mac model, GPU, CPU, RAM) and  a little bit about what you do for a living or in your spare time.
Please note that I can’t promise beta testing for everyone – it’s secret and we don’t want anything to go public before we announce it, but still there is always a chance you will be in.

Also, while the beta is going on and the guys are working on the latest Tempo improvements, I promise to describe some of the features of Pixelmator 1.3 Tempo soon in this blog. Stay tuned!


  • Gomez Chantal

    cela m’interesse de tester la version beta de Pixelmator
    Jai déjà votre version en francais
    Ma configurationes est un :Mac Pro tiger



    Nom du modèle : iMac
    Identifiant du modèle : iMac5,1
    Nom du processeur : Intel Core 2 Duo
    Vitesse du processeur : 2.16 GHz
    Nombre de processeurs : 1
    Nombre total de cœurs : 2
    Cache de niveau 2 : 4 Mo
    Mémoire : 2 Go
    Vitesse du bus : 667 MHz
    Version de la ROM de démarrage : IM51.0090.B09
    Version SMC : 1.9f4

  • Briguet Philippe

    Je possède la licence, j’ai la dernière version. J’utilise Pixelmator pour tous les travaux de préparation d’une petite revue publiée dans l’institution où je travaille.

    je me réjouis de tester la dernière Beta mais j’attend avec encore plus d’impatience une version française.


  • LH

    Moi aussi, j’attend plutôt une version française que la 1.3 !
    Pourquoi pas les 2 en même temps ?

    @Gomez Chantal : comment avez-vous eu une version française ???

  • Charles P.

    Hi the pixelmator team.

    I would like to test your next release and like the other french users I hope to have a french version of Pixelmator.
    I know a lot of people around me who don’t understand english correctly like my sister who is a graphist on Mac (Photoshop) and artist who want to try your software.

    My own mac is iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 3Ghz (iMac8,1) with 4Mo Ram NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512 Mo and system Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17)

    J’espère bientôt pouvoir utiliser votre logiciel en français. Allez ici les gars et si vous avez besoin d’aide de traduction je suis sûr qu’on peut vous aider nous les utilisateurs français.



  • GdLzone


    N’y aurait-il que des français par ici??
    Ma machine: macbook (dernière version), 2 Go de RAM, Proc 2,4GHz Core2Duo et carte graphique GMA X3100 :S

    Je suis étudiant et j’utilise ma machine surtout pour des rapports (petite retouche photo), de la photo et du blogging.

    Continuez mais moi je ne suis pas si pressé pour la version française 😉

  • Antoine

    Hi the pixelmator team.

    I would like to test your next release
    My own mac is iMac Intel Core 2 Duo

  • Maghoo

    1. There’s an email address to use if you want to test the new beta (read the whole blog post for Gods sake!). The comments thread is not the right place for asking to be a beta tester.

    2. The official language is English in the forum, please use English in the comments too.

  • Boulesteix

    J’attends une version française (Mac OS X Tiger)

  • ang

    Hello, i’m very interested to test this beta.

    I have :

    mac pro quad
    3 raid hdd
    And of course leopard

  • Extensor

    Apparently there is no difference between email and comments section in some peoples mind. Wow.

  • Sam

    Is Tempo a nick name for the update?

  • Mariusz

    Please put shortcuts pdf without black background – it’s better for my printer 🙂

  • Larissa Callahan

    Hello, I would like to help out please. Thank you.

  • paco

    Hi, I would like to test Pixelmator 1.3 beta!