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Pixelmator Tutorials

We have some great news for anyone willing to learn Pixelmator. Though Pixelmator comes with great Help documentation that covers nearly everything available in the app, and, as you may have already noticed, our forum community is always available to help with problems, we all know that this is not enough for someone who is very new to Pixelmator and to image editing concepts.

That’s where our long-time forum buddy Sebastiaan van der Velden enters, with his collection of video tutorials for Pixelmator! The new Pixelmator podcast offers exciting tutorials that cover basic as well as advanced features of our favorite image editor.
What’s more, Sebastiaan has made it available on iTunes (click here) and on his website. The podcast available through iTunes is in medium resolution while those on the website are exclusively optimized for your iPhone, iPod, or AppleTV.
Enjoy the show! And I am sure Sebastiaan is looking forward to your feedback.


  • Philippe99

    New to digital photography and new to PXM, I really appreciate Sebastiaan video tutorials.
    They are very clear and very well “basic user” oriented.
    A greate job.

  • Wimpus

    Nice done Seb!
    Are there more tuts coming please? :-p

  • Troy Murray

    Fantastic, not to long, not too short, excellent.

  • Hassan

    It’s very nice of Sebastian to offer video tutorials (especially in a podcast format), but his voice is so annoying! I’m from England too, but someone with a more generalised accent would have been much better suited to do the presentations!

  • Extensor

    1.2.3 is out! Yeah!!!!!

  • Vince

    Sebastiaan’s tutorials are great – well paced and well scripted.

    The content that Antony covers are great, but they are a bit long – maybe because it seems like he’s making it up as he goes along. The content that he covers is fantastic – but it’s just that I find it a bit slow (I end up playing it at 2.5 times the speed in Quicktime just to make it bearable).

    However, the tutorials provided by both Sebastiaan and Antony are fantastic for unleashing the capabilities of Pixelmator. Thanks guys!

  • Antony

    Thank you for your comments.
    I am relatively inexperienced when it comes to podcasting and when I joined the tutorials team I had to get used to a new and quite complicated way of producing them. I am getting better as time goes along. You are partially right with the fact that I do not usually work to a script, but also I try to make the tutorials as if everyone is completely new to Pixelmator and therefore they end up a bit longer. And I use a different editing system to Sebastiaan and am unable to speed sections up to make them shorter as I would like to sometimes. But I cannot justify the expense of changing at the moment.
    I would also like to thank you for your praise of the tutorials.

    This sort of constructive criticism is well received and helps me improve my tutorials.

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