October 4, 2007

TUAW Interview: The Pixelmator Team

As we mentioned last week, one of the most anticipated OS X applications in a long while finally hit the street when Pixelmator shipped version 1.0. We were fortunate enough to get the two brothers behind the application, Saulius and Aidas Dailide, to contribute our latest TUAW Interview. In terms of their relative contribution to Pixelmator, Saulius is more focused on the UI, while Aidas provides most the heavy lifting on the back end. In this interview they discuss some of the thinking behind Pixelmator, where it came from, and what they are trying to accomplish.

Mat Lu, TUAW

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  • vanni

    can we expect CMYK support anytime son?

  • Lucky

    Yay, an update is coming soon 😛

  • Dustin Senos

    Awesome looking app. I am a photoshop user, but always open to trying new software. Expect a purchase from me soon.



  • Ravi

    I am curious, what were the other names, beside Pixelmater, under consideration?

  • Sebastian Gräßl

    To support Quartz Compositions is a very nice idea.
    But i think there is one issue, how do you expose controls to the user. just applying a composition to a layer/image would destroy the user experience.

  • Leif

    @Dustin Senos

    If you are a Photoshop user today – don’t buy Pixelmator. You will be very disappointed. Compared to Photoshop Pixelmator is very limited and you will switch back to Photoshop after 5 minutes. It’s simply not a Photoshop replacement.

    // Leif

  • Kelly Spore

    I think to compare Pixelmator and Photoshop directly is unfair at this point. Photoshop has nearly two decades of refinement under its belt. When you talk about 800 lb gorrillas, Photoshop is just that. I’m not a Photoshop user, but I am a Photoshop Elements user. I didn’t need a $600 application to screw with my photos; but $99 was fair. At $60 Pixalmator out of the gate has many of the features that Photoshop Elements has for the Mac (v.4) and who knows when we will get an updated version of PHotoshop Elements.

    Could Pixelmator one day be a Photoshop Killer? I Don’t know, I don’t know that they are shooting for that level of kill factor. However, I do believe they are shooting to be the best consumer/pro-summer photo editing package on the market for the Mac OS; and in that light they seem to be well on there way.

    If you are a PHotoshop user, I don’t see you dropping your $600 investment in money, and years of experience to switch. If you are a newbie or a hobbyiest, then this program may be for you!

  • Steve Winslett

    I am a long time Photoshop user and downloaded the demo of Pixelmator recently. I definitely think it is limited and certainly not a Photoshop competitor or replacement. However, the use of core image effects is really cool. Don’t expect Adobe to adopt core image effects any time soon. If you want to supplement Photoshop with some cool effects, then Pixelmator is for you.

    I am looking forward to updates of this program and would like to see layer effects such as drop shadows.

  • Benjamin

    Will this program support Wacom tablets & be pressure sensitive?

  • Dustin Senos

    Hey Guys, wasn’t saying I would replace Photoshop, just mentioning I am interested.

  • Ross Wheeldon

    Have to say I have been looking for an alternative to Photoshop for ages. From the demo I have downloaded you guys seem to have created a reasonably affordable alternative. I will be purchasing as soon as I have the money.

  • Joshua Hansen

    I guess it depends on what you want to “replace Photoshop” for. If you’re working in a print house, no. (And I have a feeling that’s why CMYK is not something high on the list since that’s for printing and printing is a whole can of worms in and of itself.) With a few more features (rulers and guides being the most chief among them) I could probably get by using Pixelmator instead of Photoshop. I’d need to write some “Actions” in Automator for a few things, but as a web guy rather than a professional graphic artist, this program just about fits the bill.

    I’ll certainly be watching its development closely.