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We are back

Well, in fact, we have been back from San Francisco for a few days now, but we have been very busy with Pixelmator. I finally found a minute to let you know what we have been up to lately.

So, let me start with the World Wide Developers Conference. Attending was great for us and our little friend Pixelmator. First of all, we met and had an opportunity to chat with many great Mac developers and stars. Secondly, we met many Apple engineers who helped us to solve some little problems with Pixelmator. We would especially like to thank Apple’s Core Image team. These guys are amazing. They helped us to solve what we thought were some hard problems with Pixelmator.

Also, we showed off Pixelmator at the Delicious Generation party. You can take a sneak peak at all the apps that were showed at this party, including Pixelmator, in this video (sorry about the quality).

We enjoyed all of the WWDC events, parties, and sessions, but the one thing that truly amazed us is the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. We already love Leopard’s desktop and the features it has. What’s more, Pixelmator runs even faster on Leopard than it did on Tiger. We learned that in some cases it can run up to two times faster – and that’s because of Core Image improvements.

So, the future looks sooo bright for Pixelmator, and there was never a better time to be a Mac developer.

Well, I’m getting back to work now.


  • Lucky

    Absolutely great! Don’t forget to add screen shots of the latest Pixelmator features in your blog posts 🙂 It would be nice.

  • StuFF mc

    Be sure to check out http://www.pomcast.com?s=en for another Delicious Generation Party video where we see also a small demo. I’m freakin amazed by your app and hope to be able to speak about it soon on Pomcast !


    Oups, take your time, make an apps, near finish, stable, and send a beta test, but real test for two month and finish really the apps without bugzzzzz… when its perfect its really good

    Your friend


  • Rimas

    Come on guys. We saw this video before your return 🙂 Let’s show us some photo from WWDC 😉

  • Rolph

    And when will we be surprised? It is July now so can you give an indication on the release-date of the Beta? We wont pin you on that date. 😉

  • Matthew

    Funny how all the devs are in awe of Leopard yet all the “experts” think it is nothing special.

    I wonder who is right 😉

  • Justinas Vebra

    What I want to say, is that I’m using few multimedia editing apps, especially to do some image manipulation or photo retouch. At the moment, all the software I have is legal, excluding PS CS3. Thats the biggest pain deep in there… Honestly, I have no doubt that Pixelmator is going to be off da chain and thats why I cant wait to get my arms on it. And no haxx0r force will make me to download it for free. I ain’t gonna do that for my brothers.

    Holla out,