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  • Open Images

    Open, or import, images from all kinds of devices and other applications, such as iPhoto.

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  • Interface Overview

    Get familiar with the palettes and tools you use to create outstanding images in Pixelmator.

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  • Image Enhancements

    Shape up your images with quick image enhancement tools so they look their absolute best.

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  • Photo Compositions

    Combine several images into beautiful compositions, or create stunning designs from scratch.

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  • Save and Share

    Save what you create, or share with the whole world, without ever leaving Pixelmator.

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Open Images

The very first step to creating little digital wonders, or making simple-yet-exciting color adjustments, is to open an image. In Pixelmator, you can open all popular file formats, including PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PDF.

Get images to Pixelmator

To begin work in Pixelmator, you need to open or create a digital image. You can open images stored in your computer, create an empty image, or import images from all kinds of devices: digital cameras, scanners, your iPhone, and even other applications such as iPhoto.

Interface Overview

The Pixelmator work area is designed to make image editing fun, creative, and enjoyable. When you first open Pixelmator, this is what it looks like:

When you open Pixelmator, you'll see the entire interface elements arranged on your computer screen. We call them floating palettes. They allow you to choose what you want to do next, such as retouch image areas, edit them, apply color corrections, effects, create entirely new compositions, and much more.

Tools palette

The most important palette in Pixelmator is the Tools palette. To use a tool, you click it and the beautiful icon becomes bigger to inform you that the tool is currently active. The Tools palette comes with 40 different tools and it can be customized to display exactly the tools you need.

Quick Image Enhancements

Image enhancement refers to both broader stages of your workflow, such as color correction for an entire image, and to a very specific task that you do with parts or objects of the image. The most popular image enhancement tools and techniques, described below, will get you started.

Boost your image colors

Pixelmator's simple and elegant collection of handcrafted and intuitive color-correction tools let you quickly apply any desired mood to your images. Easily enhance colors for an entire image, or select and replace colors for only a part of it.

Experiment with effects

Pixelmator has more than 160 effects. But it's not the number that's impressive. It's the kinds of effects you can find. And all these effects are packed in one place—the Effects Browser—so that you can easily find, instantly preview, and apply.

Improve your photos

Retouching helps you quickly improve less-then-perfect photos into outstanding pictures. Count on Pixelmator for all the tools you need to quickly and expertly improve, correct, repair, and get rid of any flaws in your photos.

Resize and set right angle

Pixelmator includes quick and intuitive tools that help you straighten slightly crooked images, rotate them if the image isn't oriented the way you want it, cut an image to fit into a particular spot, or simply resize an entire image for quicker upload to the Web.

Create Beautiful Compositions

Creating image composition can be as simple as combining two images into one, or a more complex workflow that includes a variety of actions, such as painting, moving objects around, adjusting colors, and more. The guides below will get you started with the most simple compositions.

Before you begin

The fundamental tools to create image compositions, and overall image editing, are the selection tools, layers, the Move Tool and the Alignment Guides. They help you quickly select, copy, edit, move, and position objects with a pinpoint accuracy.

Create compositions

Explore the host of creative ways to edit and enhance your images. For starters, learn how to combine several images into one, copy objects from one photo to another, add text to personalize your images, or simply remove the image background.

Painting tools

Use the full-featured painting tools to paint as you would on a traditional canvas. Select from realistic or stylized, and preset or custom brushes of all sizes and shapes. Painting tools can be used for both image editing and creating beautiful artwork from scratch.

Draw with shapes

A collection of more than 40 custom shapes and drawing tools helps you easily create gorgeous image elements, logos, posters, web layouts, and much more. All Pixelmator shapes have smart controls that let you quickly adjust the shape’s outline, fill with a solid or gradient color, and add shadows or reflections to get
just the look you’re after.

Save and Share

In Pixelmator, you don't have to worry about saving every single edit you make. Save an image for the first time, and the Auto Save feature will do the rest for you. Once you've enhanced your image, easily publish it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email it to your friends.


Save Pixelmator images only to use on computers that have Pixelmator. If you plan to share your work with others who don't have Pixelmator on their Mac, you can export pictures to other file formats for use in other applications.

Auto Save

Pixelmator auto saves an image frequently while you work, but when you press Command-S, a “snapshot” of the image's current state is archived. Then, you can return to this archived version to restore previous edits.


Every beautiful picture deserves to be shared with others. With Pixelmator, you can easily publish images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email them to your friends. And do it all without ever leaving Pixelmator.