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Black Friday

Black Friday marks the start of the winter holiday and gift-giving season. And what better way to celebrate than by getting Pixelmator and Pixelmator for iOS for a huge 50% off. The sale starts today and will go on for two weeks until December 6th. If you already have and love both apps and know someone else who might enjoy image editing, let them know about the Black Friday sale. Or maybe even surprise them with Pixelmator as a gift. Learn more about the sale.

5 days ago

Pixelmator for iOS gets iPhone X support

We love the new iPhone X. So we took our time to polish the Pixelmator for iOS interface and make sure it looks and feels great on the brand new iPhone X screen.

The update is now ready for you to download from the App Store. It also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. And, as always, it’s free for all those who have already purchased Pixelmator for iOS.

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18 days ago


Yup, November 29th. That is the day Pixelmator Pro will be released.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on what might be the most beautiful, innovative, and inspiring app we’ve ever made. It really is that great.

We didn’t announce the Pixelmator Pro release date earlier because we wanted to take as much time as necessary to build a solid v.1.0. Pixelmator Pro is huge and there are just so many new things and technologies to take care of to make sure everything works as it should. But the current Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind beta version I’m running is already rock solid so why not announce the release date is most likely to be November 29th.

Oh, and Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind will launch with a price of $59 as we want as many of you as possible to be able to afford it. However, we don’t think the price will stay that low for too long. It will go up as soon as we ship free updates with major new features (that are not yet announced but are in the works already) as well as Pixelmator Pro for iPad (which is a great friend of Pixelmator Pro for Mac), Vectormator, and more. The intended original price for Pixelmator Pro is $99 and we plan to ship big updates quickly.

Get ready for November 29th by subscribing to our awesome newsletter or adding the date to your calendar.

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And just so you know, you might well be taking part in image editing history here…

Not too long ago

Pixelmator Pro Automatic Layer Naming Film

Our latest film is about one very cool and handy use of machine learning in Pixelmator Pro — Automatic Layer Naming. See it in action below.

Not too long ago

Pixelmator Pro Experience Film

We’ve just unveiled a film about Pixelmator Pro with an overview of its incredible user experience and interface. Check out the all-new film below.

Not too long ago

Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 Cobalt adds support for iOS 11

The Pixelmator Team today released a major update to its full-featured, powerful, and fast image editor for iPad and iPhone. Pixelmator for iOS 2.4, codenamed Cobalt, brings full support for iOS 11, adds support for Drag and Drop so you can move images and graphics between Pixelmator for iPad and other apps more easily than ever, includes support for importing HEIF images, and more. Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 Cobalt is available today as a free update from the App Store.

“The powerful new multitasking features in iOS 11 go great with Pixelmator for iPad,” said Saulius Dailide, one of the founders of the Pixelmator Team. “Pixelmator for iPad already includes support for Slide Over and Split View and now, with the addition of Drag and Drop, creating, enhancing, and sharing your images on the go becomes easier and more intuitive than ever.”

Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 Cobalt adds full support for iOS 11 and takes advantage of its powerful new multitasking features. With support for Drag and Drop, you can now move images and graphics between Pixelmator for iPad and other apps more easily than ever. You can use Multi-Touch to quickly add multiple images to your composition at once. And you can even move your entire composition into apps like Mail, Messages, and Keynote by simply touching and holding outside the image canvas, then dropping your image into the other app.

With support for HEIF images, Pixelmator for iOS users can now import images shot on the latest iPhone models, including iPhone X. HEIF, the High Efficiency Image File Format, is a new, much more efficient format that reduces file sizes without sacrificing quality and is used as the default on all the latest iPhone models, starting with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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Pixelmator for iOS gets featured as the App of the Day

The new App Store on iOS 11 is really fun. Apps of the day, tips and tricks, and interesting posts make the whole experience of discovering apps much more enjoyable. So we were beyond thrilled to see that Pixelmator for iOS was featured as the App of the Day. And the accompanying text is just way too good to not repost (in full) here on our blog. Check it out:

You just had an amazing Saturday night. It was lit, it was hype, it was dope. But because so much happened, the memories are hazy. Thankfully, you managed to take a picture that captures the entire night.

The elephant in that kebab place is perfectly framed. (How did it even get in there?) And you even got the sword swallower doing his thing with the kebab skewer. Epic!

Shame that bummed out clown in the background is killing the vibe of the whole photo. Wait a minute… There must’ve been a circus in town, right?

Anyway, don’t worry! Just download Pixelmator. This powerful image editing app has a whole host of amazing features, but one stands out in particular: Repair. With this, you can remove nearly any element you don’t like in your picture.

That sad clown, for example. Just rub your finger over him and: Poof! He’s gone. The app intelligently fills in the gap so that it looks like he was never there to begin with. There’s a certain irony in cheering a picture up by erasing a clown, isn’t there?

Aside from that killer feature, Pixelmator contains everything you need to bring out the best in your pictures. Of course, there are the usual filters and endless possibilities to adjust the lighting, but with a multitude of retouching options you can also make changes to small areas of your photos — completely removing colour from objects using Desaturate or softening and sharpening sections of the image. You’ll look your best, even in the middle of the most epic night out ever.

And, in the event that your next night out isn’t so exciting, test out some of the features under the Distort tab and you’ll be able to warp, pinch and twist your pictures until they look just as bizarre as an elephant in a kebab shop.

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