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2020-03-23 15:55:34

Hello community,

I have a strange issue with my Nikons NEF files in Pixelmator PRO. It seems that the program somehow upscales it to larger resolution than original file (No, ML is not touched). Original resolution of the files are 6192 x 4128 and whenever I open any file in Pixelmator Pro Image size shows 7074 x 4716. There is no such an issue with DNG files.

I can provide untouched RAW file if needed.

Also, is there any way to copy my edits and paste them on another photo? I.E. to paste same darkening brush action on the same place of another image and so on

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2020-03-23 16:35:49

Hey there, I don't think we've come across this issue before... Would you be able to upload a sample RAW image to for us to check? I'd then need you to copy and paste the link that is generated on that page into your reply here so I could download it.

Thanks in advance!
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2020-03-23 17:13:18

Hi Andrius,

here you go:

Straight out of camera
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2020-03-24 09:52:04

Thanks for that! I've just opened the photo in the Photos app and Preview and, in both places, I'm seeing the same size as in Pixelmator Pro:


So it doesn't necessarily look to be a Pixelmator Pro issue — where are you seeing the 6192 x 4128 size?
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2020-03-24 10:09:10

Hi Andrius,

here is a shot of the camera settings: Image

Also, both Adobe products shows the 6192 x 4128 resolution unless you open it first in Pixelmator, then it gets upsized to 7074 x 4716 and then Adobe also shows that resolution too so definitely Pixelmator alters the image size!

Here is Adobe screenshot when I open the file in it first:


As said earlier, there is no such an issue with another cameras DNG raw files.

Edit: there is not such an issue with full 45 megapixels shot 8256 x 5504, it stays the same
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2020-03-24 10:29:46

Whoah, update! Just started googling and here is what I found in one forum:

What we have from Nikon:
"Seamlessly switch between RAW sizes of Large (45.7 MP), Medium (25.6 MP) and Small (11.4 MP)"

This translates to:
Nikon specs:

L: 8,256 x 5,504 pixels

M: 6,192 x 4,128 pixels

S: 4,128 x 2,752 pixels


L: 8,288 x 5,520 pixels

M: 7,104 x 4,728 pixels

S: 6,216 x 4,136 pixels

How it happens:
- first, the raw data for M and S is resampled in the camera, to get 7,104 x 4,728 and 6,216 x 4,136 from 8,288 x 5,520;
- next, it is resampled in raw converter software, to get 6,192 x 4,128 from 7,104 x 4,728, and 4,128 x 2,752 from 6,216 x 4,136.
M and S formats contain bayer pattern, not YCC data, as it was with previous sRAW format.

So probably Pixelmator does not resize to the "official" size, that's interesting, never thought of that! Sorry for inconveniences, this new to me too!
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2020-03-24 14:33:44

Interesting, thanks for digging deeper into this! Yeah, we use the Apple RAW engine and that's why I was seeing the same results in Photos/Preview, so I assumed PS/LR were doing something a little different, but not necessarily incorrect.