Full-featured image editing app for the Mac


Move Tool.

Smart way to move, distort, and edit.

The smart and powerful Move Tool lets you move, distort, and edit elements of the image, selections, texts, shapes, or entire layers easily. Each time you click an object, the Move Tool knows whether it’s a text, shape, or image layer, and gives you the options that you need at that time. And, when you move any of the layers, the smart Alignment Guides appear so you can place layers exactly where you need them to be.

Move Tool

The Smart Move Tool knows when you are working with an image, shape, or text layers, and gives you the
options you need at that time.



Every tool for pixel-accurate selections.

With Pixelmator's powerful, pixel-accurate collection of selection tools, you can quickly and easily select any part of your images. Then, refine selections, apply color adjustments, add special effects, adjust fill and stroke, transform, move, delete, duplicate, or even copy and paste selected image areas into other compositions.

Paint Selection

The Paint Selection Tool is the simplest and the fastest way to make even challenging selections with just a few brush strokes.

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Paint as realistically as on canvas.

Use the full-featured painting tools to paint as you would on a traditional canvas. Select from realistic to stylized brush presets of all sizes and shapes. And, Pixelmator lets you fully control the brush tip strength, stroke style and size, and so much more, so you can paint or enhance images more naturally and have fun while doing it.

Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint

There is a whole bunch of different painting tools to create beautiful pictures from scratch or enhance your photos. The experience is
almost like real life: you have a canvas on a computer screen, a large brush collection, and an entire rainbow of colors to play with.



Turn good-looking pictures into spectacular.

Count on Pixelmator for all of the tools that you need to quickly and expertly improve, correct, repair, and get rid of any flaws in your photos. You can even combine different tools and effects for endless ways to touch up your images so they look their absolute best.

Liquify Tools Liquify Tools Liquify Tools Liquify Tools

Have as much fun tweaking images as you do taking them. Twist, bulge, squeeze, or add artistic details with
the new Warp, Twirl, Bump, and Pinch Liquify Tools.

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Gorgeous designs come easy.

Pixelmator’s state-of-the-art shapes let you create gorgeous compositions — logos, posters, image elements, web layouts, and much more — all with easy-to-use shape tools that let you focus on what you want to do, not how to do it.

Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes Smart Shapes

The new Smart Shapes have easy-to-use controls that let you quickly adjust the shape’s outline to get just the look you’re after.

Type Tool

Type Tool.

Powerful tool to design beautiful text.

Add a word, phrase, or caption to an image to help convey a certain message. Or you may be designing a print or Web layout and need text for headings, banners, or buttons. With powerful advanced typography features, you can now easily make your text look just as beautiful as your pictures.

Type Tool

Use the Type Tool to quickly and easily add, edit, and format text in your pictures.

Color Adjustments

Color Adjustments.

Make your image colors pop.

Enjoy a simple and elegant collection of handcrafted, intuitive, professional-grade color correction tools. Easily adjust exposure, hue, saturation, shadows and highlights, brightness and contrast, or even replace and remix to boost a whole image or individual layers’ colors, and change the image’s feel and mood completely.



Inspiring effects to play with.

Pixelmator comes loaded with tons of breathtaking effects to play with. Try any of over 160 effects that are carefully arranged into eight groups — Blur, Distortion, Sharpen, Tile, Stylize, Halftone, Generator, and Others. Or even try combining different effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations, and see the stunning results in real time.


Easily choose the effects group to view by clicking the pop-up menu.


Quick and simple way to find the effect in mind by typing its name here.

Instant peview

Skim the effects thumbnails to get an idea of how the effects look.

Effects Palette


Add your favorite effects to
Favorites so you can quickly apply
them the next time.

Effects Palette

All Effects

Browse over 100 inspiring effects,
instantly preview, and quickly
apply them to your images.

Effects Palette


All effects are carefully arranged
into ten groups so that you can
easily find the effect you need.



Build up the whole picture.

Building gorgeous image compositions non-destructively begins with layers. And Pixelmator is a full-featured, layer-based image editor. It comes with a simple and intuitive Layers palette where you can quickly locate the layers you need, arrange their order, create layer groups, and change the blending mode, layer opacity, and much more.

Pixelmator is a complete, layer-based image editing app, featuring easy-to-use and intuitive Layers palette, twenty-seven
Blending Modes, Layer Masks, and Clipping Masks — all of which help you create stunning, non-destructive image compositions.

Layer Styles

Layer Styles.

For your stunning image compositions.

Thanks to non-destructive Layer Styles, creating polished and advanced compositions is now even easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Quickly color layers, or apply beautiful gradients, create outlines, add shadows and inner shadows, or add reflections. And once you’ve found a perfect layer effects combination, you can save it as a Layer Style preset to re-use it again and again.

Style Effects Style Effects Style Effects Style Effects Style Effects

Customize the look of layers by applying non-destructive effects like shadows, gradients, outlines, or
reflections to beautifully enrich your compositions.

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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technologies.

For even faster, more responsive performance.

Pixelmator is a real powerhouse of OS X technologies like Core Image, OpenCL, OpenGL, 64-bit architecture and Grand Central Dispatch, which combined together deliver state-of-the-art performance and responsiveness, incredible speed, and super smooth image rendering.

  • Jet Engine

    New Image Editing Engine.

    Powered by your OS X.

    Fast and fluid image editing relies on an image editing engine. So we took an extra step to build a truly modern and innovative image editing engine that takes advantage of the full power of OS X technologies like Core Image, OpenCL, OpenGL, and Grand Central Dispatch, giving you the speed you need to keep pace with your creativity.

  • Increased Performance.

    Up to twice as fast.

    With the new Pixelmator’s image editing engine built to harness the power of OS X Mavericks, just about any image edit you do in Pixelmator is noticeably faster — up to twice as fast compared to previous versions of Pixelmator on OS X Mountain Lion. So when applying effects and creating complex compositions, you can enjoy instant responsiveness.

    Overall performance increase

    3.0 on OS X Mavericks 1.4x faster 2.2 on OS X Mountain Lion Baseline

    Performance increase with complex compositions

    3.0 on OS X Mavericks up to 2x faster 2.2 on OS X Mountain Lion Baseline
  • OpenCL


    OpenCL lets Pixelmator
    accelerate image processing
    by unleashing the parallel
    computing power of modern
    GPUs and multicore CPUs.

    Core Image

    Core Image

    Pixelmator is based on OS X
    Core Image technology, which
    uses your Mac’s graphics card
    to ensure blisteringly fast
    image processing.

    64-bit Architecture

    64-bit Architecture

    With its 64-bit architecture,
    Pixelmator is built to take full
    advantage of the incredible
    speed and power of today’s

OS X Mavericks.

World’s most advanced OS.

Pixelmator is even more powerful and efficient
thanks to new OS X Mavericks features like App Nap
and Compressed Memory. In addition, you can take
advantage of every display connected to your Mac
with the Multiple Displays support, and locate and
organize your Pixelmator documents quickly
using the new Tags feature.

  • OS X Support.

    Built exclusively for Mac.

    Pixelmator’s beautiful interface and image editing engine are fully optimized for the Macbook Pro with Retina display. And they include a number of OS X features and technologies like iCloud and Auto Save. So even if you are opening the app for the first time, you’ll instantly feel familiar with its interface and features.

    Retina Ready

    Retina Ready











    FaceTime Camera




  • Save for Web

    Save for Web

    CMYK Proofing


    PSD Files

    PSD Files

    RAW Files

    RAW Files

    Image Capture

    Image Capture




    16-bit Support

    16-bit Support

    Image Units

    Advanced Features.

    Every pro will appreciate.

    Pixelmator comes with a ton of powerful features, such as Save for Web, Soft Proofing, and support for almost all popular image file formats, including Photoshop images with layers. Also, with Pixelmator’s Photo Browser, you can quickly open images from iPhoto or Aperture library right from Pixelmator for further enhancements.


Our hard work is being rewarded.

  • Apple Design Award

    Apple Design Award.

    Mac Developer Showcase.

    The Pixelmator Team was honored with a beautiful Apple Design Award for Pixelmator, recognizing its outstanding achievement, excellence, and innovation in Mac app design. The award not only makes us insanely happy, but also inspires us to work even harder and accomplish even greater things for Pixelmator.

  • Best App.

    Sole and proud winner.

    Pixelmator is the sole, and extremely proud, winner of the App of the Year award as part of Best of Mac App Store 2011. Also, it continually stands as one of the
    most highly rated and top-charting apps on the Mac App Store.

    Best App
  • ...and the best award from Pixelmator users.


    Average of user ratings.

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