Text as Shape

Convert text layers into shape layers, and then easily apply gradients, shadows or strokes or even reshape individual letters.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Adriel

    Does not work the way it shows in the video in 3.5 Canyon.

    In order to editing the shape of the text, you have to create individual letters to make up a text.
    E.g. “SUPER”, you need to create 5 texts of S, U, P, E, R, in order to edit the shape individually.

    Quite a hassle actually.

  2. Aaron

    It first took me moment to figure this out as well. I’m running 3.5 Canyon (El Capitan) and after watching this was easily able to type out an entire word/phrase using the text tool and then converted to a shape. After that I triple-clicked the specific letter I wanted to transform and began to do so. I could then easily move on to modifying another letter/shape by triple-clicking and repeating the process. If that isn’t working for you then it may be a potential bug? Either way, hope this helps!


  3. Andrius (Pixelmator Team)

    To be able to change the color of each letter individually, they do need to be on separate layers – but to speed this up, you can first convert your text into a shape, then double click a letter in the shape and use the Command-X and Command-V keyboard shortcuts to cut and paste the letter onto a new layer.

  4. John Le Quiniat

    I cannot find anything to tell how to add accents (french) to text

  5. John Le Quiniat

    I need to know how to use French language accents in text

  6. Jeremy

    How do you pick multiple anchor points like it shoes in the video to move them together?

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