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Create gorgeous compositions with easy-to-use shape tools that let you focus on what you want to do, not how to do it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi guys.
    Do you know if Pixelmator will ever have a panel where you can easily add inner shadows, patterns, glows and strokes – similar to Photoshop’s blending options? If this is implemented some time, it will more likely become a PS replacement for me.

  2. Eve

    I thought this one would be easy…i apologize as i am pretty new at this stuff
    When i create a shape and try to move it, by placing the cursor in the center, it simply always creates a new shape within the shape…whatever am i doing wrong?

  3. Eve

    Ooops, figure it out…have to use the move tool!

  4. darius

    You shouldn’t need to switch to the move tool in order to move a shape. If you draw a shape without a colour fill then you need to grab the actual outline stroke of the shape to move it, otherwise a new shape will be drawn.

  5. Beaver

    Heip! How to use shape tool to draw regular polygon? Thank you!

  6. darius

    click and hold the Shape Tool icon in the Tools palette and choose Polygon Shape from the pop-up menu.

  7. jasper

    I need a shape to be exactly 12 centimetres wide. As other shapes will be 1/3 of this shape. (and others bigger/smaller) but how?

  8. Ausra

    @jasper, try using the Guides and Rulers features (View > Show Rulers).

  9. Braden

    Wow thats really cool, but what about layers, how did you get that circle to just go behind the grass automatically like that?

  10. SkipII

    I don’t see a shapes icon on my toolbar. I have version 1.6.7

    Am I missing something?

  11. Jcwoll

    @skipll Get 2.0.

  12. SimoAmi

    I’m a Xara Designer pro and would be interested in buying Pixelmator if you can confirm the following:
    1. is it possible to combine shapes using boolean modes like, intersect, add, substract?
    2. can images and patterns be applied as shape backgrounds?

  13. Ausra

    Hi SimoAmi,

    Yes, shape settings do have intersect and subtract options in the Tool Options bar. Images and patterns to shapes can be applied using layers, too.

    Download Pixelmator trial from our web site and see how it goes for you:

  14. Abdulrahman Al-Qahtani

    How do i reset the angle in the pen tool

  15. Ausra

    @Abdulrahman, Control-click the shape and select Make Editable from the shortcut menu.

  16. Mike

    How do I build a gradient inside of a shape?

  17. Ausra

    Mike, you create a gradient inside the shape using the Clipping masks. This tutorial covers it in first three steps:

  18. Michael

    Thanks for the help. A bit of a learning curve. Do you know how to layer shadow that button? Sorry I am new at this and trying to use some creativity and depth.

  19. alex

    Can you add a gradient fill to a shape drawn using the pen tool or would I need to create another layer?

  20. Ausra

    @alex, yes you would need to create a new layer to fill it with gradient.

  21. Tim

    How can I set the number or points on the star or sides on the polygon?

  22. Deafguy

    While I am glad you are offering tutorials like this on your website, I think it would be better if you had it on YouTube so they can provide captioning for you free of charge so deaf people like myself can read caption to understand what you have to say if there is any audio with this video. Thanks!

  23. Ausra

    @ Tim, setting the number of points, or sides is not possible yet.

  24. Phil

    Hi, I’m just using the new upgrade now, and I’m working on a bit of a project here.
    I need to make a perfect circle and I’m using the shape tool, but I can’t figure out how to constrain the proportions so that when I drag the circle out, it stays a perfect circle and doesn’t distort. Could someone tell me how this is done? 🙂

  25. Ausra

    @Phil, press the Shift key while drawing a circle.

  26. m

    hm has this changed? ctrl+klick doesnt seem to bring up the menu anymore. instead it shows the layer map.

  27. m

    got it – you need to select the shape tool in the tools first.
    it’s not context-sensitive. not cool.

  28. Kizzie

    i can’t get straight 90 degree angled corners on my shapes… is this a limitation or is there a way to get an ACTUAL rectangle? it would seem i should since there is a rectangle shape vs. a rounded rectangle shape. but i’m drawing a rectangle and it just comes out rounded.

  29. Ausra

    @Kizzie, what happens if you select the Rectangle shape and click to add it? Do you get the same rounded rectangle when you add both Rounded Rectangle and Rectangle? If you do, email us to We’ll take it from there.

  30. Josh


    You actually can change the number of sides or points in a polygon, just not the way you might expect. You do this by editing the polygon. Not the exact solution that I’m looking for, but it’s something. For example, I want a triangle and I start out with a pentagon. I draw the pentagon, then I right click and choose “Make Editable” I then right click on the points I want to remove to turn it into a triangle.



  31. Bruce Dickson ~ Healing Toolbox

    apparently this is way out of date. 2.3 has a star shape tool, it has a little triangle, but clicking it no longer gives options of different shapes.

    Clicking the star and placing it on the image does not create a star. So another disappointing and frustrating user experience here. Pixelmator is terrific for a small set of things that are user-friendly, everything else is too esoteric to learn even when I want to learn. No even Google is helpful, not even the paid tutorials are all that good for rhe basics. Too bad, wonderful in so many other ways.

  32. Henry

    Can i change the shape on text?

  33. Jpt212

    how do I draw a perfect hexagon or octagon for example?

  34. Ausra

    @Jpt212, you should be able to create more sides by adding more points to a shape (Control-click the shape to make it editable). It will be a lot easier to create it a lot easier with Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry, though!

  35. Sabine

    I have the same problem as Kizzie, my rectangles always have rounded corners. The rounded rectangle shape is more round than the straight one, but neither has crisp 90 degree angles. I tried to add it as you said above, but no change.

  36. Ausra

    Sabine, you should be able to draw hard-edged rectangles if you remove the stroke, or reposition it to inside the rectangle.

  37. Edc

    Hi, rounded rectangle radius can’t be set parametrically ? The only way is to edit curves ?

  38. Albert Kinng

    Can you tell us what is the format to import a custom shape? the palette has the option but for no reason I can’t upload any of my vector files… Any help?

  39. sue tehan

    Can you tell me what format is need for a shape to be import into ”custom shapes”?

  40. Ausra

    You can currently import only Pixelmator native shapes. Here’s a web site where you can find some more custom shapes:

  41. Krystal Tay

    I accidentally deleted two shapes 🙁 is there any way to recover them back?

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