Shape Styles

Effortlessly create more polished and advanced shapes with the new Gradient, Stroke and Shadows shape styling features.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Christina

    PLEASE HELP!!! How do I save a shape I have created? Thanks!

  2. Christina

    I am trying to do this but it doesn’t work: “Save your Pixelmator shapes by dragging and dropping them from the Layers palette to the Shapes palette”

  3. Andrius (Pixelmator Team)

    Christina, could you try clicking View > Show Shapes to make sure the Shapes palette is visible? Then, make sure you’re dragging the Shape layer from the Layers palette (rather than the document window). If dragging and dropping doesn’t work, you could also click the Action pop-up menu at the bottom of the Shapes palette (that’s the gear icon) and click Add Shape.

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