Soften specific areas

The Blur Tool in Pixelmator makes it easy to soften portions of an image, so you can emphasize the focal point.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Gladys

    If I click on the Blur tool and then Filter, Blur, none of the options are available to click on. What am I doing wrong? It seems so simple on the video. Thanks for helping me.

  2. darius

    which particular Blur filter do you select?

  3. Gary C

    A couple of things to address Gladys’ concerns. Firstly, the Blur Tool seems to be at a default of 1% strength. At least, that’s what mine is and I’ve never used it before. So, if Gladys tried to use it, the effect would be almost imperceptible. Secondly, the Brush settings (Shape Tip Diameter, etc…) is not visible by default. One would have to double click on one of the Brush presets to open the Brush settings. In the video, the Brush settings just happens to be open by default. Hope that helps.

  4. Ausra


    Do you have a layer selected in the Layers palette?

  5. Wendy

    how do you get filter at the top? mine doesnt say that?

  6. Ausra

    @Wendy, the effects are now available in the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser).

  7. Anthony

    This video doesn’t seem to play

  8. Chasity

    I am a little confused. On the main menu, I do not have a “filter” selection. Is this a different version of Pixelmator?

  9. Ausra

    @Chasity, you have a newer version. The effects in the Filter menu are now available in the Effects Browser. Here’s quick video about it:

  10. Griffay

    How to make the skin look like better? Is there beauty mode?

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