Smudge areas

Create special effects, distort parts of images or smear paint as realistically as you can when using your finger.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Ashley Rich

    More examples of what the Smudge tool can achieve can be found at:

  2. missim11


  3. Andrew

    Man ?dom? kok? moksl? šie broliai baig?. Nes aš ir nor??iau kažk? panašaus daryt užaug?s kaip ir jie.

  4. Shangshu

    I am indebted to this tutorial! Thank you so much!

  5. Sungwook

    Very intuitive tutorial and many features of pixelmator was very good in making my web site and the iPhone game “Baby Ghost -Jump Away with Jewel”.

    I didn’t expect drawing by computer is almost similar to doing on paper!!!

  6. Pixelmator Tutorials – Introduction to Painting Tools

    […] with a smooth multi-colored blends, the Paint Bucket Tool to fill areas with a solid color, the Smudge Tool for smear painting, the Eyedropper Tool to sample colors, and many more. Learn more about these […]

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