Sharpen specific areas

Apply a gentle sharpen effect to reveal each detail in your pictures.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Sungwook

    Even though I am a iPhone game software developer and new to any graphic tools, pixelmator allows me freedom from computer restricted hassle which might cause inconvenience in expressing artistic talent. It’s very good for learning and designing sophisticated artwork for both the iPhone app and offline artistic hobby.

  2. Nick Plain

    Hi I don’t have “filter” as an option on the main menu – would you know why?

    Many thanks

  3. Ausra

    @Nick, the Filter menu effects have been move to the Effects Browser. Here is a quick video tutorial about it:

  4. Nicole McDonald

    I am not seeing the Filter option on the main menu tool bar when I am trying to edit my images. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Ausra

    @Nicole, you can find the filters in the Effects Browser. Here is a quick video about it:


    When I choose “filter” “sharpen” it allows me to sharpen my image then choose the strength, but after saying “ok” it has a slight pause and goes right back to the original image. Any thoughts?

  7. Ausra

    @Nerijus, are you viewing images at 100% zoom (View > Actual Size)?

  8. George

    I am having exactly the same problem and it’s really annoying. I sharpen and hit OK and then it goes back to the blurry image. What is the problem? It can’t be settings when everyone is having the same problem,

  9. Ausra


    Set your image view to Actual Size (VIew > Actual Size) to have an accurate preview of the effect while adjusting it.

  10. James

    I’m having the same Sharpen problem. It seemed to work in the beginning but now gives you the sharp image but as soon as you press OK it reverts to the original blurry image. Is there a fix?

  11. Kasey

    Also having the same sharpening problem. It has been going on for more than a few weeks now even with the new update. Is there going to be a fix for this soon? Would love to use this tool.

  12. Jonathan

    I have sharpened an image and saved it and now when I try to unsharpen it it doesn’t allow me to.

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