Retouch Extension

Pixelmator Retouch Extension for Photos is out. Now, you can retouch your favorite shots with a full set of powerful Pixelmator tools right where you keep them. Inside your Photos app.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Francisca

    I can’t use the retouch extension and I don’t understand why… Can you help me? thank you very much :*

  2. David

    Some of it works great in the video. But trying to get a specific object in an image to seemingly vanish, as I observed with kayak in the educational video – does not work that quite that well for me – I get a very different result. Using the healing tool to paint over an object that I want to disappear, ends up as a, somewhat smudged mixture of the the object I am trying to eliminate, combined with other objects that are in close proximity to the one I am trying to eliminate – somewhat like a combination of a repair tool and a clone tool. It looks like magic on the video, paint the kayak and it’s gone with just ocean showing where it the two kayaks were. Although I have to admit it was awesome – and maybe I am just doing something wrong, I wonder if it works well moving specific parts of some images, but not so much if the set-up isn’t right (i.e., the part to be removed is surrounded by parts of the image that could blend in with where that object had been. Very interested in getting this to work, and I enjoy using Pixelmateor.

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