Paint Bucket Tool

Quickly and easily fill similarly colored areas in an image with a Paint Bucket Tool.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Ryan

    Hi I want to change the color of text and the background its on. Now, it’s black text on a white b/g. How do I do that?

  2. darius

    To change the color of the background make sure to select the background layer in the Layers palette, then in the Main Menu go to Edit > Fill… (or press cmd+Option+F), choose the color from the Colors palette and click OK. To change the color of text: select the Text layer, Main Menu > View > Show Fonts (or press cmd+T), click on the Text Color tab, choose any color you like and that’s it!

  3. Mandy

    Hi, Can I apply pantone colours in pixelmator? The colour number section does not seem to accord with pantone colour numbers, ie: I put in the pantone number but it does not show the correct colour in your number chart. What number chart are you using and is there a way that I can apply a pantone colour to fill an object? Thanks

  4. Ausra

    Hi Mandy,

    Pantone colors aren’t supported in Pixelmator.

  5. Gary Chike

    Paint Bucket would of course obliterate any surface details of the wall texture in this example.

  6. Sandy

    Is there a tutorial for the Paint Brush tool too?

  7. Ausra

    @Sandy, not yet. We are currently working on one.

  8. Sylvie Compere


    The tutoriel doens’t work

  9. Evert

    Hi, just like Sylvie, I cannot get the video startet. Have the same problem with “Magic Wander”, see my comment there. ThankU

  10. Ausra

    Hi Sylvie and Evert, try using Safari browser to view the video.

  11. Bordes cathie

    quand l’aide apparaitra t-elle en français ? c’est pas compliqué pourtant!
    je ne comprends pas le monde marchand , décidément…

  12. Diana

    I don’t see a background option on the layers menu, and I have the checker board background that shows through on some of my image. How do I change it to white?

  13. Ausra

    @Diana, to create a background for an image add a new layer. Click the Add Button (+) in the Layers palette, drag that layer below others then fill it with any color you like.

  14. Haohang

    The tutorials are so helpful and I love the background music!!! What are the names of those songs?

  15. Maddie

    I’ve tried doing this by myself several times and once again after watching the tutorial, and I still only seem to add a new layer.
    What should I do?

  16. Ausra

    @ Maddie, check if the Opacity in the Tool Options bar is set to 100%.

  17. julie

    you talk about changing the “tolerance” but there’s no option on my screen to change that and my fills are very blotchy. How do i adjust it?

  18. Ausra

    @Julie, you click the canvas, do not release the mouse, and drag to adjust the Tolerance.

  19. BIll

    Hi Ausra – Any update on supporting pantone colors in Pixelmator? If not is there a specific reason?

  20. Craig

    you mention paint bucket tolerance in the video but give NO DETAILS on how to adjust that making this video completely worthless! Can’t get the tool to have any effect! Came here expecting more info.

  21. Victoria Carrington

    Could you please give a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this tool- how to select, how to choose the colors, etc. for someone new to photo editing?

  22. Victoria Carrington

    Also, exactly how to get the tolerance to work. Once I let go of the circle nothing happens. Perhaps written tutorials would help?

  23. Colin

    This is not a comprehensive video. how do I change a solid black background with a partly black product into a white solid background?

  24. Nathan

    Help… there seems to be no paint bucket or fill tool for 2D images (like cartoon drawings) in the iOS version. What are we missing? Have googled and search tutorials for an hour. My son is incredibly frustrated. Not everything is a photo.

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